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Island Lamb and Asparagus Days at Veli žal restaurant

Lamb days in A la carte Restaurants Punta and Veli žal

Come and join us for ''Island Lamb and Asparagus Days'' at the Veli žal restaurant from April 01 until April 30. Enjoy the best island delights Lošinj has to offer.


  • Island platter (sheep prosciutto, lamb sausages, lamb pâté, quark, pickled onion, olives with cheese) - 65,00 HRK
  • Salad with asparagus, cottage cheese and boiled eggs 65,00 HRK
  • Lamb consommé with homemade noodles - 30,00 HRK
  • Cream of young wild asparagus soup - 35,00 HRK
  • Frittata with asparagus and sheep prosciutto - 65,00 HRK
  • Cres island fuži pasta with asparagus and sage - 65,00 HRK
  • Lamb stew with asparagus, Cres island fuži pasta and sheep cheese - 75,00 HRK
  • Breaded lamb with mashed potato - 85,00 HRK
  • Lamb roulade in Malvasia wine sauce with croquettes 85,00 HRK


  • Warm olito cake and Cres island grašnjaci fritters with dried fig, Prošek wine and orange jam - 30,00 HRK
  • Quark cream with honey and olive oil served on a crispy cookie - 30,00 HRK

Bon appetit!

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Restaurants Punta and Veli žal are open every day from 10 a.m. until 11 p.m.
Booking and Information: tel. +385 (0)51 662 034

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