5 magnificent excursions on Lošinj – 5 styles & types of experience

Following the best tradition of adventure tourism and in the spirit of modern, luxurious and comfortable travelling, we’ve prepared five different excursions that will acquaint you with the Lošinj archipelago from five different perspectives.

If you’d like to feel the sea and wind and experience the beauty of sailing in a traditional way

The Catriona sailboat gives you the opportunity to take in all the beauty of the Lošinj sea and learn how to tame the wind just like sailors did back in the old days. This wonderful experience will revitalize you, present you with new challenges, and help you relax your body and mind. If you’ve never sailed before, now it’s time to try it with us! The ancient Romans had a proverb saying Navigare necesse est, vivere non est necesse, meaning: “to sail is necessary, to live is not necessary”. If you’ve sailed at least once in your life, you’ll understand perfectly what they meant.


Sailboat Catriona

If you’d like to experience the thrill of a speedboat and discover secluded beaches and caves along the shores of Lošinj

Lošinj has an indented and varied coastline. The hidden coves surrounded by macchia or cane, and landscapes that in places resemble tropical paradises and in others exude a true Mediterranean ambience are ideal for relaxation, and provide the perfect setting for the best holiday photos. Apart from taking you to hidden beaches, the stunning Blue Cave or magnificent Lubenice Beach, this excursion will also delight you with the journey itself. The thrill of a speedboat, the scents and colours of the sea, and the wind in your face and hair all guarantee a fantastic summer experience.


If you like mountains, magnificent views and driving in a jeep

Mount Osoršćica can also be climbed on foot, but we recommend you join us on a jeep ride and have a Mediterranean safari-style adventure. Admittedly, there are no lions or tigers, but the view from the peak is absolutely spectacular, and the route through Mediterranean macchia and shrubs abounds in fantastic scents that you’ll remember for a long time. They say that the best view of Kvarner is from Mount Osoršića. We agree.


Island Jeep Adventure

If you’re interested in what Lošinj culture has to offer

Take a tour of Lošinj’s cultural treasures and its museum with a private guide. The highlight is the world-renowned Museum of Apoxyomenos. A single sculpture, an ancient bronze statue of Apoxyomenos, discovered in 1996 on the seabed in the waters off Lošinj, is a true cultural and artistic sensation sufficient to make this visit to one of the most innovative museums in the world an unforgettable experience. Discover the local sacral architecture, the historical small town of Osor, and the impressive maritime history of Lošinj. To conclude, round off your excursion with a tasty culinary treat.


Museum of Apoxyomenos

Finally – be with your children, be a child yourself, and have great fun with pirates

It’s true that real pirates were actually rather unpleasant, but today they’ve somehow turned into great family fun and it’s practically unimaginable that kids could grow up without them. Cheerful visits to small islands, fun activities, a tasty family lunch, and loads of games and get-togethers will strengthen your family relationships and create beautiful memories for your children. The sandy island of Susak will delight kids with its warm shallow sea and its sand that stretches for hundreds of metres. After conquering Susak, you’ll head for Ilovik, the island of flowers.


Pirate fight on a boat trip

We look forward to all your cheerful moments and photos on social networks. Fill your soul with beauty and have a great time. Enjoy!

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