5 novelties at LH&V Spa Centers

If your perfect holiday consists of sleeping, swimming in the sea and relaxing, then our hotels are the perfect choice for you. The quality of our spa offer has been confirmed by numerous awards, such as the prestigious Condé Nast Johansens award for our Hotel Bellevue as the best destination spa in Europe.

Bellevue Spa Clinic

Every hotel adopts a special and individual approach to different spa treatments, and it’s up to you to choose the one that suits your needs best. A common trait of all our spa centres is the selection of products and treatments that use local herbs and essential oils, as well as products made from the olives and aloe vera that grow on the island.

We have prepared numerous novelties for you – for the moment, let us reveal five of them that are truly special, exciting and completely unique.

1. Cryotherapy

Get rid of tiredness, and relax and boost your immune system with the help of cryotherapy.

Cryotherapy is a treatment during which the body is briefly exposed to extremely low temperatures as the patient ‘bathes’ in cold nitrogen fumes. This controlled exposure lasts 1-3 minutes and burns around 600-1,000 calories.
In addition to helping treat different skin conditions, chronic fatigue and pain, this treatment also boosts immunity, helps regulate sleep, and stimulates the metabolism and weight loss processes. After your treatment, you’ll feel completely awake and full of energy, ready to enjoy each day to the full. The beneficial island air in combination with a cryo-treatment will provide you with quality sleep and complete relaxation.


2. Aromatherapy

You’ll be delighted with our new, creative and fragrant aromatherapy workshop, which will be held at the Bellevue and Aurora Hotels. At your request, the workshop can also take place at the Alhambra and Punta Hotels, as well as at Čikat Campsite.

Various herbs and their essential oils have been traditionally used on Lošinj for medical treatments and to improve the overall quality of life. Our team of experts have prepared a special experience for all those who love natural cosmetics and want to learn which types of herbs have beneficial effects on our skin. The workshop starts with a walk through the forest guided by an expert on island vegetation who will tell you about the medicinal herbs and spices that grow on Lošinj. The next step is picking the herbs whose essential oils are used to make different preparations. You will have the opportunity to have a cup of tea or try scented breads made from the same plants, and book a massage with the oil that you have produced yourself.

After the workshop and receiving a certificate that you have successfully completed a Lošinj natural cosmetics course, you can take your products with you and continue your holiday feeling more relaxed and richer for your new experience.

Aromatherapy workshop

3. The ‘Visiting practitioners’ programme

The biggest novelty awaits you at the Bellevue Spa Clinic. With our visiting practitioners and medicinal experts programme, you’ll have the opportunity to have the medical check-up or treatment that you’ve long been waiting for.

After your treatments, you can relax and recuperate and our experts will make sure that they are available to you for advice and consultations throughout your stay. Specialist dermatological examinations and treatments, anti-ageing therapy, aesthetic interventions, non-invasive hair transplantation, and relaxing Ayurveda and acupuncture treatments are just a small part of our offer designed to alleviate the healing process and to speed up your recovery in the ideal conditions on the Island of Vitality. A team of excellent doctors will be available to you in full confidence for any questions concerning the offer of our Spa Clinic.

4. Bastien Gonzalez

The world-famous ‘foot virtuoso’ Bastien Gonzalez will be offering his exclusive treatments at the Hotel Bellevue, Boutique Hotel Alhambra, Villa Mirasol, and Villa Hortensia.

Known for the passion he brings to his work, Bastien not only creates his own treatments but also teaches the members of his team about the complete process, procedure and client approach, which ensures the uniform quality of his signature treatments in several of the best hotels in the world. The professionalism and special commitment to work have been recognised by numerous Hollywood stars who have become his regular clients. Bastien’s treatments are special both in terms of the approach and the tools used, such as a special glass file and oils from his Reverence de Bastien line of products.

Bastien Gonzalez at Hotel Bellevue

5. Sound therapy with tibetan singing bowls

Numerous ancient cultures used sound as a means of healing. A notable example is Tibetan singing bowls, which are made exclusively by hand during the full moon in order to amplify the energy of the Moon in the vibrations they produce.

Tibetan singing bowls produce sound vibrations that have an effect on our body similar to a healing massage. They free physical and spiritual blockages, renew cells, relieve stress and fears, and alleviate various illnesses and conditions. This treatment will help you to relax thoroughly and reduce the stress to which we are usually exposed on a daily basis.

Tibetan Singing Bowls

Replace the busy tempo of your everyday life with the calming atmosphere of our hotels for a while, take good care of your health, and reward yourself with beauty treatments that allow you to feel all the benefits of the Island of Vitality. Give your body the rest it deserves.

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