8 reasons for eating in LH&V restaurants

Gastronomic Odyssey with Mediterranean flavours – top-quality food and atmosphere for people who know about food!


Healthy meal complemented by fantastic sea-view

1. Borik Meditarranean Bar– because here ricotto cheese kisses scampi, and beefsteak embraces truffles

Have you ever tasted Mediterranean ricotto? How about ricotto with scampi? If you haven’t, we recommend that you taste this irresistible combination in our restaurant Borik. Ricotto, specially made from sheep’s milk, is a traditional meal of the Mediterranean. It has only 1-3% of milk fat, is rich in flavour, healthy and pleasantly granular. And scampi? We know you love scampi! Enhance your experience with Istrian white wine, Malvazija… and enjoy it with the beautiful sea view and white rocks of Lošinj. If you are very hungry, choose a beefsteak with a gastronomic treasure – Istrian truffles and a glass of Istrian red wine Teran.

2. Veli Žal – because here you can taste boškarin with tasty, ecologically-grown Lošinj vegetables

Do you love organic, indigenous meat with a strong flavour? Try “boškarin”. Boškarin is the traditional Istrian cattle, reared extensively and organically. The meat is completely natural, rustic, with intense flavours, as a result of the aromatic herbs that these cattle freely graze on Istrian pastures. And last but not least – boškarin’s meat is prepared only by the best cooks – the mature and muscled boškarin meat requires a special way of cutting, maturing and carefully preparing. When you choose boškarin, you choose food from the hands of our best chefs. To make your gastronomic experience complete, Veli Žal serves only freshly-picked, organically-grown vegetables from Lošinj.


A breathtaking sunset at Lanterna

 3. Lanterna – because this is the most romantic restaurant on Lošinj

Imagine a cliff above the open sea, a restaurant on the cliff, the wonderful smell of a charcoal grill, views of spectacular sunsets and, on top of that, the pleasant live music of the mandolin? If you never proposed to anyone, or you’ve never been proposed to, this is the place where that could happen to you, if for no other reason than that it is a fantastic moment. And, if you are already happily married, this experience will certainly enhance your relationship and happiness. Of course, good food is taken for granted, because ‘the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach’! (however great the sunset); you can choose from grilled fish, spicy salads, delicious meat and plenty of fine vegetables. And then just enjoy it!

4. Levante – because there, by the fantastic infinity pool, you can look at the sea and magnificent Velebit mountain, sipping champagne and cocktails, and enjoy the light Mediterranean food… and the children can enjoy a pizza

There are days when you just want to totally relax. To lie down, soak in the beauty around you, eat light food, slowly sip your drink and enjoy the tranquil surface of the water. For these days we’ve opened the restaurant Levante – what can be more pleasant and more relaxing than the terrace by the infinity pool that visually merges with the sea? Maybe our sparkling wines and our chef’s Mediterranean dishes. Or a night out at the Levante with a sensual cocktail. If you have children and want them to also experience a gastronomic pleasure – order them a pizza, because for children a pizza is the equivalent of truffle, scampi or a spicy Mediterranean salad. In addition to pizza, we also have pasta, gnocchi and other meals that children consider the pinnacle of culinary art. A restaurant to delight the whole family.


Delicious island lamb

 5. Villa Diana – because you just have not been on Lošinj if you haven’t tasted game “žgvacet” or, at least, “matar”

Can you pronounce “žgvacet”? It takes a bit of practicing, but once you have tasted žgvacet, you will see that it was worth the effort! Žgvacet is a type of goulash, but instead of the onions, you first fry the meat, than you add tomatoes and cook it altogether in wine. When Žgvacet is made with Lošinj game, you know that you have a simple, but comforting and satisfying tasty meal. And matar? Those are the green, thick, fleshy plants, which grow on the rocks by the sea. This wild growing vegetable has an unusual taste, subtle texture and, if you want to try something really different, just taste it! In Diana our chefs know how to cook “matar”… and “žgvacet” too!

 6. Villa Kredo – because, at the end of the day, the best of Mediterranean cuisine is its simplicity

There is some special Mediterranean gusto in our cooking – everything that grows here blends perfectly, one with the other. Arugula (rocket) with tomatoes, tomatoes and scampi, marinated anchovies with capers, sea bass with chard … separately, with pasta, in duets, quartets, all together, in a warm or cold salad, with gnocchi or baked bread – no problem. Just grab it with your hand from a big bowl, throw it in the frying pan, into the salad or arrange it on dough – anything goes. Pour olive oil over it, add some Malvasian wine … and in just twenty minutes an abundant dinner is ready for everyone!

7. Čikat – because old-fashioned, traditional meals are the best – stew or thick Lošinj soup (and maybe spit-roast lamb for those who prefer some ‘solid’ food)

Traditional dishes might become a bit boring from time to time, but after culinary adventures it is always nice to come back to the taste of grandma’s kitchen. Juicy, liquid soups or stews, full of aroma and flavor will make everyone happy. In the Čikat restaurant you can try our Slavonian delicacies, such as fish stew or “čobanac”, Dalmatian stewed savory mussels or Lošinj minestrone. If you prefer some ‘solid’ food, what better than local Cres lamb on a spit? Čikat can take you on a gastronomic journey around Croatia – you can taste the best meals from all Croatian regions. Did we mention Slavonian “kulen” – a special kind of sausage? Try it – you’ll see why this is such a big deal in Croatian gastronomy! On Mondays and Fridays, the Čikat restaurant invites its guest to enjoy a special offer – complete dinner with wine or beer will cost you only 50 HRK. On Mondays treat yourself to a plate of mixed meat, potatoes and vegetables and on Fridays you can enjoy fish, with potatoes and vegetables.


Romantic dinner with the view to the majestic Velebit mountain

 8. Restaurant Punta – because you deserve it!

The Punta offers a great variety of meals, and everything is fantastic, as in the other restaurants, but you have to come here – because the atmosphere is famous! It is an unbelievably beautiful place to see the sunrise. This famous restaurant on a cliff above the sea, with one of the best views of the island of Losinj, offers baked dishes, grilled meat and fish, delicacies from the pans of our best chefs … here you can eat fantastic grilled sea bass, a juicy beefsteak in the exotic matar sauce with homemade potato and roasted hazelnut croquettes… fisherman’s soup or tuna steak with fennel and chard. Or, if you are a lover of seafood – try our amazing blend of wild asparagus, scampi and ricotto. Choose whatever takes your fancy, and then just sit and enjoy it with a view of the sea, the Velebit mountain and picturesque Veli Lošinj.

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