Lošinj is ideal for people who like to spend their holidays in an active way. The island’s coast with its spectacular vistas offers hundreds of kilometres of trails suitable for walking, cycling, jogging, or Nordic walking. Diving enthusiasts can explore the waters off the island, while Mount Osoršćica is ideal for hiking, trekking, and mountain biking.

Although the island of Lošinj is rather small in size, its indented coastline and unspoilt nature with macchia and pine forests offer guests plenty of space for an action-packed holiday. Every day during your visit, you can enjoy a different walk and acquaint yourself with the various sides of Lošinj.

Revitalise body and soul in harmony with nature on the Island of Vitality

Between Mali and Veli Lošinj and further to the south of the island

A pleasant walking trail stretches along the coast between the towns of Mali and Veli Lošinj. You can walk, jog or cycle along a route with a view of the sea and magnificent Mount Velebit. In Veli Lošinj, you can have a break and admire the view of the charming small harbour and fin de siècle architecture. After that, you can follow the trail to the south of the island. On the way, you’ll encounter the enchanting cove of Rovenska, which is surrounded by picturesque fishermen’s houses. Between Veli and Mali Lošinj, you can enjoy the view of the pine treetops and take in their therapeutic scent, while the route to the south of the island will acquaint you with a rather rugged landscape with rocks and macchia.

Up to Sveti Ivan

If you’re a fan of trekking, you should climb the hill of Sveti Ivan above Veli Lošinj along an attractive, gently sloping trail, where you can enjoy the view of the surrounding islands of Palacol, Oruda, Orjule, Pag, and Rab. The Velebit massif gives the view a majestic tone, while on the other side the sky blends in with the endless sea.

View of Veli Lošinj

Classic promenade built to the taste of aristocrats and emperors

The eastern part of Lošinj features the stunning coves of Borik, Sunčana Uvala, Veli Žal, Čikat, and Zlatna Uvala. The most beautiful coves are connected by a promenade that extends from Borik to the centre of Mali Lošinj. This is the ideal route for people who like to ride a bicycle in a relaxed atmosphere right by the sea, and for all those who enjoy long walks. Take in the beauty of the most splendid vistas in this part of the Adriatic. Along the promenade, you’ll see belle époque villas immersed in pine forests, magnificent beaches with a view of the horizon, and our restaurants located right by the sea. The coves in the eastern part of Lošinj are distinguished by a perfect combination of nature and well-thought-out architecture. They are particularly attractive in the evening hours when the sky and sea are coloured by the spectacular hues of the sunset.

Lošinj’s walking trails offer plenty of shade in pine forests as well as views of the blue sea

Visit Osor and Nerezine, and also wild expanses with macchia and olive groves

Osor is a small town with a rich and long history and is surrounded by the remnants of its town walls. It’s pleasant to walk along paths where ancient Greeks and Romans once set foot, and further south discover the picturesque small town of Nerezine by the sea. Rising above Nerezine and Osor there’s Mount Osoršćica. Hiking enthusiasts will enjoy walking along the marked trail that connects Osor and Nerezine along a mountain ridge and also what is commonly called the most beautiful view in Kvarner. Osoršćica is also ideal for mountain bikers.

If you’d like to experience a different side of Lošinj with its wild nature, fragrant Mediterranean macchia, and evergreen vegetation, then head for the coves of Kurile and Zabodarski, and explore the red soil trails that lead through the thick macchia, spectacular olive groves, and past fishermen’s and farmers’ houses in wild nature.

View from Osoršćica (peak of Sveti Mikula) of Lošinj and the neighbouring Kvarner islands

Mountain biking

Every year in April, the island hosts the exciting Downhill Lošinj race down the hill of Sveti Ivan. The steep rocky trails provide a great cycling experience and plenty of challenges to competitors. In 2018, Veli Lošinj hosted an attractive downhill world cup race – Mercedes-Benz UCI Mountain Bike World Cup Lošinj.

The spectacular 4 Islands MBT Stage Race also takes place in April. This 270-km race has a total climb of 5,000 meters on different surfaces and leads through the unspoilt nature of four islands. To participate in the race, you don’t need a licence. You must be 18 years old or above, and be fit and willing to try this demanding and exciting race. Competitors race in pairs, and there is the opportunity to experience the most attractive trails on the islands of Lošinj, Cres, Krk, and Rab over four days.

Downhill Lošinj track

Basketball, football and tennis courts – and also beach volleyball

If you like ball games, here on Lošinj you can enjoy your favourite activity in the shade of pines close to the sea. Recreation on Lošinj has always been more than just sport – it’s a part of having a healthy body and lungs. The beneficial essential oils and the iodine and salt from the sea will cleanse your airways and relieve stress, tension, and tiredness.

Massages, wellness, saunas and spa

Whichever type of activity holiday you choose, you should reward your body with a good massage, a visit to a wellness centre or sauna, and a pleasant spa treatment. Each of our hotels offers special wellness experiences, which you can choose according to your preference.

For your health, pleasure, and beauty – your LHV team!


Explore promenades, footpaths and trails:

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