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The Alhambra is an indescribably romantic, magical, architecturally harmonious and captivating boutique hotel. It’s the jewel among our hotels and a real adornment to the Čikat forest park, the most beautiful part of the island of Lošinj.

To say that we are proud of everything the Boutique Hotel Alhambra has to offer would be an understatement. We can’t wait to share with you the abundance of style, beauty and luxury that you will find in its rooms, in the restaurant, and on the beach. Join us first on a virtual journey through the hotel dedicated to your wellbeing, and after that we’ll see you on the beach or in the Wine & Dine bar, under the palm trees and fragrant pines of the Lošinj Mediterranean garden. Plan your holiday on the wonderful island of Lošinj in one of the best small luxury hotels in the world.


Complete peace

Although the whole of the island of Lošinj is idyllic and green, beautiful and well-preserved, Čikat forest park stands out. Čikat forest park was designed by Viennese architects at the end of the 19th century with the aim of creating a cultivated piece of paradise where the European elite could enjoy pleasant moments of recovery, rest and recreation, which they succeeded in doing. For more than 120 years, Čikat has been a favourite destination of guests who want the best of nature, culture and lifestyle. Čikat is also one of the most beautiful coves on the island of Lošinj: an elegant, imperial, aristocratic cove with a turquoise sea dotted with magnificent villas which add a cultivated note to the surrounding nature. In a tranquil corner of the cove, where the sea has the most intense turquoise colour, lies the Hotel Alhambra, ready to welcome you. It has been like this for the last hundred years. It’s time you paid it a visit.


Passionate beauty

The Alhambra is a charming natural beauty built during the elegant times at the beginning of the 20th century as a hotel for the most demanding guests. The villa was designed by the renowned Viennese architect Alfred Keller. With the aim of including the most beautiful emotions in this piece of paradise, he incorporated some of the passionate architectonical elements from the famous Villa Alhambra in Spain on its façade (hence the name of the hotel). Next to the Alhambra, there stands another part of your favourite hotel: the Villa Augusta, a magnificent classicist building with high ceilings, lovely façade decorations and playful Art Deco details.

Behind both buildings, there is the new part of the hotel, characterised by a winding façade, perfectly blended into the surrounding forest and harmoniously joined to these two time-honoured beauties.


We love style, luxury and attitude, and adore tangible beauty, and the Alhambra is all this. This perfectly proportioned grand villa with beautiful arcades that stand out from the terracotta red façade is a true beauty surrounded by well-designed Mediterranean gardens, and a terrace with a view where you can choose from a selection of food and drinks that will surely exceed your expectations. Before you even enter your room with its kick of luxury, style and carefully chosen materials, the mere view of the Alhambra will surely overwhelm you with a feeling of relaxation, harmony and maybe a bit of that healthy nostalgia that we sometimes feel when we encounter the happy past.

Beneath the elegant Alhambra, under a row of pines, you can enjoy a private beach designed to reflect the sophisticated taste of the early 20th century, bordered by arcades resembling those on the hotel’s façade. Relax on the cosy sun loungers that are already there waiting for you, and admire the fragrant turquoise blue sea and the tangibly healthy scent of the pines. Surrender to the beauty of the view, forget about everything except going up to the hotel for dinner or to take another cocktail; allow yourself to completely relax and become revitalised. You’ve deserved it!

Rooms full of joy

Unparalleled luxury and incredible attention to detail are what you’ll experience from the moment you arrive at the hotel. Neutral tones, rich wood and plush carpets lend the hotel an air of gentle grandeur – with a modern twist. The furniture has been eclectically selected for your comfort from the best manufactures and the brushes of fantastic designers. Louis Ghost Chairs, Artisan wooden furniture, Salvatore Ferragamo cosmetics, along with carefully selected mattresses and quality, comfortable bedding, make the luxury tangible and in accordance with your needs. And the bathrooms! Just take a look at the pictures (because, sometimes words are not enough).


The carefully chosen names of the restaurants, wine bar, beach bar, libraries, rooms and suites pay tribute to the tradition and glorious past of Lošinj, Čikat and the Alhambra. The rooms and suites are named after respected Lošinj captains and the deserving visionaries of this archipelago. Learn more about this glorious past, read about the incredible feats of brave islanders, and enjoy the charm of the tradition which like an invisible spirit shrouds this place with the enthusiasm of these incredible visionaries. The beauty that will captivate you is the fruit of the work of Ambroz Haračić, Conrad Clar, Gaspar Craglietto and the fearless captains and brave pioneers who opened the first eating establishments here, and the first hoteliers who recognised the beauty, potential and importance of preserving this climatically healthiest part of Europe.


Look out for hip touches, like concept lighting designed by Dean Skira, monochrome colour schemes in the spacious suites and contemporary cuisine in the glass-fronted restaurant. Let yourself be overcome by beauty. Take a walk or watch the green pines and turquoise sea from your window, feel the tangibly beautiful play of light, and let our personalised concierge service take care of your definition of relaxation and luxury.

Relax to the last atom in your body

Relax or invigorate mind and body in the Alhambra Spa full of lavish scents of nature, preserved in the famous Elemis spa cosmetic brand. Yang is our everyday life: obligations; telephones; e-mails. The Alhambra’s spa zone is Yin: peace, quiet, beauty, the careful hands of our wellness experts; a break at the pool with heated seawater.


Yin is also our wine bar and the ripe summer aroma of fermented grapes, paired with the best cheeses and pršut dry-cured ham, olives, fish, organic vegetables and the mystical fusion of flavours created by our skilled chefs. Yin is also our library, the jewellery shop for luxury shopping, the Spa Clinic in the Hotel Bellevue (just a few hundred metres away), and tasty food on the terrace with its mesmerising view. Yin is also the excursions and numerous activities that we organise for you, such as wine tasting – a real abundance of yin.

The Hotel Alhambra is a beauty treatment for beauty – a treatment with architecture, materials, colours, service, food, cosmetics, sea, pines, sun and the healing Lošinj air. A treatment for the beauty of life, peace, harmony, health, joy, laughter and complete relaxation. Book your stay and come and visit us, ready to fully and completely be overwhelmed with beauty.


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