The colours, scents, tastes and experiences of Lošinj

Losinj Island

Lošinj is a unique place of beauty –from the moment you set foot on the island (and even earlier, as soon as you disembark from the ferry onto the island of Cres) you will see beauty and only beauty. But, not only see – Lošinj is a joy for all the senses.

As soon as you get out of the car or off the bus, you will smell the beauty in the smell of the sea, pine forests and aromatic plants of Lošinj’s dense evergreen underbrush. You will be delighted by the impressive silence of the island, swathed in the murmur of the waves, the pines, cicadas and cleanliness of Lošinj, its walking trails, forests, beaches and streets.

Lošinj is made up of picturesque villages which start with and end up with beautiful houses,embraced by pure nature. Here and there, among the ancient olive trees and tall pines or in the underbrush, you will see enchantingrustic houses. As in a mythical Arcadia, everything is subordinate to the beauty, simple life and enjoyment of nature and its gifts.  A large part of Lošinj is untouched Mediterranean evergreen underbrush, full of fragrant plants, and crisscrossed by narrow pedestrian paths. It may seem that these paths do not lead anywhere. But, if you follow them you will find a hidden oasis of rural peace of ancient Lošinj. Along the coast, you will find picturesque little houses, hidden one from another, meant as a place to enjoy the sea, olive trees and the peace of Lošinj’s nature. In those small bays, you will find tens of meters of lovely beaches just for yourself and your family. In winter you can enjoy long walks, the discovery of hidden oases, at the same time as enjoying warm temperatures and fresh and fragrant air.

You will remember Lošinj for it’s warm, clean and well-keptlong walking trails, for running on soft ground between ancient pine trees or worry-free enjoyment in the sun. In winter, the Lošinj sun still warms, so on sunny winter days you can sit and drink a cup of coffee on the waterfront, or take the sun on Lanterna, on the rock above, from where, as people say, you can see the most beautiful sunset on the Adriatic. No matter whether it is winter, spring or summer, it is always a great pleasure to stand listening to the hardly audible sound of boats bobbing on the smooth sea of Lošinj’s marina.

Losinj Island

Light Lošinj food, mainly blanched or sauteed, caught in the sea or harvested from Lošinj’s gardens is enriched by wine, olive oil and aromatic spices. It’s aroma smells of the simplicity, modesty and purity of Lošinj life. During summertime it is a special pleasure to enjoy your dinner on the restaurant terraces overlooking the sea. The fragrant Lošinj dinner starts with the intense song of cicadas and the lively sound of the sea, and ends with the loud, intoxicatingsong of the crickets, the slow movements of the warm summer sea and happy laughter of relaxed guests.

Living close to nature, looking after the cleanliness of nature, health and peace is built into Lošinj hospitality. We from Lošinj, wish to share with our guests our amazement, gratitude and love for our bays, olive trees andbeautiful villages, Mali and Veli Lošinj, our traditions and modernity. Thanks to a stroke of luck, Lošinj is both a tourist center and place of prosperity and well-being, but also an island of completely preserved nature and a culture of simple, humble and, at the same time, stylish Arcadian delight in nature and her gifts.

Our tradition, and desire to be always up to date, has enabled us to create hotels that are faithful to the same principles of Lošinj hospitality. Through our services we want to stay true to the spirit of top-level Lošinj tourism, with its healthy origins, and to the holistic care for the good rest and well-being of its guests. In our hotels we pay attention to all the details, so that our guests can truly recover, relax and enjoy themselves, taking home fragrances of health, Mediterranean flavors, a touch of relaxation and images of harmony, peace and beauty .

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