Four ways to get into shape at the Vitality Hotel Punta

What do you expect from your fitness programme? Relaxing stretching exercises, intense dance choreography or strength training to build up your muscles and strengthen your body? The Hotel Punta offers 4 different types of training: 4 ways to get into shape, have a slender figure and improve your health.

Maybe you’d like to flatten your belly, define your muscles or engage in yoga-style exercises to achieve a supple body and attentive mind. Depending on your preferences, choose one of our four popular Les Mills fitness programmes to help you quickly achieve your goals through fun, with professionally developed exercises tailor-made to meet your specific needs. For the guests of the Vitality Hotel Punta, Les Mills fitness programmes are completely free – you can exercise as much as you want and as often as it suits you!

Which of these 4 fitness programmes sounds best to you?

  1. BODYBALANCE is a workout system inspired by tai chi, Pilates and yoga. Accompanied by pleasant music, your instructors will lead you through exercises designed to strengthen and stretch your body with a special focus on proper breathing and relaxation. After these exercises, you’ll feel calm and fit.


    Body Balance programme for strengthening and stretching the entire body

  2. SH’BAM is an interesting dance programme which requires no previous dance experience. All you need is a playful attitude and a smile on your face. Through the selected music and sassy movements, you’ll walk out of the class cheerful and bursting with energy.


    Sh’bam – dance programme. Photo by: Rubina Schicker.

  3. BODYPUMP is intended for people who want to strengthen and define all the muscles in their body, and quickly burn surplus fat deposits. BODYPUMP uses light weights with a lot of repetition to deeply activate and tone muscles. During a workout, you can burn up to 560 kcal. After the class, you’ll feel challenged and motivated.


    Body Pump workout with weights

  4. CXWORKX is a programme oriented at strengthening and toning your core muscles. A stronger core makes you better at all the things you do, from your everyday life to your favourite sports. If you sit too much and want to improve your posture, CXWORX is exactly what you need. During the workout, you will work with your own weight but also with light weights and resistance tubes.

Les Mills programmes – the most popular group fitness programmes in the world!

6,000,000 people around the world engage in Les Mills programmes – 75 countries and 15,000 fitness clubs love the professional, effective and fun workout systems. After we tried Les Mills exercises and saw for ourselves that they are really excellent, we decided to join in this worldwide trend.

What makes Les Mills so different?

  • excellent workouts created by a team of professionals that are effective, fun and safe for your body
  • carefully chosen, excellent music
  • professional, well-trained instructors
  • creative teams continuously come up with new exercises, making your fitness fresh and fun
  • the fitness programmes take only 30-45 minutes, but provide results as if you have been exercising for twice as long

A short history of Les Mills’ success


Les Mills group workout programme. Photo by: Rubina Schicker

The story began in 1968 when the Olympic athlete Les Mills started his first fitness centre. He transferred his Olympic knowledge and passion to his son, who continued developing his father’s concept of sport recreation. After 10 years of work and research from 1980 to 1990, he created his first programme named Pump, which became a hit in New Zealand. Encouraged by the success and loyalty of his satisfied members, in 1997 Phillip Mills started offering his programmes in other countries too. In less than eight years, Les Mills programmes gained the trust of 6,000,000 satisfied exercise fans every week (just imagine – 6 million every week!) in 15,000 fitness clubs across 75 countries. Today, 90,000 trained instructors help people to preserve their physical health through quality programmes and to feel good at the same time. Les Mills offers a total of 14 programmes, with new exercises and new fitness moves created every few weeks to keep people motivated and prevent workouts from becoming boring. Six million people is not a small number. We believe that so many people must have a good reason for choosing Les Mills.

It’s good to live in a world where everything can be better, easier and more effective, isn’t it? Always on your side and the side of your health – Lošinj Hotels and Villas. Welcome!

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