Heaven on earth, or, how to look at the world through rose-colored glasses

When your holiday is reduced to just one week due to unplanned business and family commitments, swap disappointment with good organization to ensure that each day is spent ‘to the fullest’. It is not easy to organize such a demanding vacation as the criteria are quite high. We wanted a destination that was special, where the atmosphere was calm and intimate, where the sea was clear and warm, where the service was perfect, and the wellness centre was not based only on massages. This year we were lucky because we found a magical place that satisfied all our desires, and it is called the Bellevue Hotel.


Beautiful view to the Čikat bay

Several weeks ago, the first five-star hotel on the island of Lošinj – the Bellevue Hotel – was opened. Full attention is given to every detail, so from the parking lot to the hotel entrance, you can already get the impression of sophisticated luxury that you will experience during your stay. The Bellevue Hotel is absolutely unique because its tradition of quality vacationing and socializing has lasted from 1966 and aside from that, the legend about the picturesque beauty of Čikat Bay is still being retold among Vienna’s elite, since their great grandfathers and great grandmothers used to spend their most romantic moments right here.

Nestled between centennial pine trees, the Bellevue Hotel immediately gives the impression of elegance, sophistication and peace. As soon as you open the door, you feel the unique fragrance of Lošinj’s nature, which, at this time of year, is dominated by the rich scent of immortelle in full bloom. Upon entering the hotel, you realize that contact with nature does not end here. The entrance, through an impressive atrium, which ends with a terrace of the Alto Rosso lounge bar, overlooks the blue sea, while your eye rests on the green, freshly cut grass, citrus trees and other plants that grow in the atrium.

High ceilings, tasteful lighting, glass panels that let in plenty of natural light, green nature, and selected, comfortable designer furniture pieces complement the unique patterns of the marble floor, creating an irresistible impression of luxurious comfort you have always dreamed about. A smiling, friendly staff will make your stay completely carefree. And you will experience their excellent service even more once you visit the SPA Clinic.

But the most important thing is to get comfortably settled in because quality sleep refreshes the mind and body. You can choose between different types of rooms: overlooking the breathtaking atrium, green crowns of fragrant pine trees, or the blue sea and the pearl of the bay – the votive church of Lošinj sailors, the Annunciation of the Holy Virgin Mary, from the 16th century. Should you, however, wish to experience complete luxury, we recommend one of the luxurious suites, such as the Executive or Bellevue Suite, which, besides superior spaciousness, comfort and design, offer a spectacular terrace with a private Jacuzzi. This is the ideal equipment for a complete hedonistic experience!


Hotel Bellevue atrium

We have learned that little things make a big difference, thus the attention to details in the hotel did not surprise us. We were thrilled, among other things, with the ‘Pillow menu’. If you do not like feather pillows, or prefer down or buckwheat, or if you are sensitive to various ingredients and would rather choose an antibacterial filling – do not hesitate to ask because you can choose from a range of comfortable pillows, which will satisfy your needs. We tried out the classic ‘flake’, and it was a good decision as we could not remember the last time we slept so well (note: the continuous song of crickets hidden in the tops of pine trees contributes to the quality of sleep as well).

Once you decide to leave your room, it should definitely be for the new SPA experience in your life. On level -1 there is an outdoor swimming pool with seawater, a sun deck and the Azzur pool bar, which offers a wide variety of refreshing cocktails and snacks. There is also an indoor swimming pool with sea water, and a spacious SPA clinic with a surprisingly unique design and selected treatments for face and body (or a fit form), aptly named “La vie en rose”.

And while you gently hum the well-known lyrics of Edith Piaf ‘Quand il me prend dans ses bras …. il me parle tout bas …. is also vois la vie en rose ‘, you do not even imagine that the song will soon become a reality. The only difference is that “he” will be, as in our case, a “she”, and that you will fall not into her embrace, but into skilful hands which will, with professional, competent movements, initiate the regeneration of your skin, body and spirit, and take you to a world of pure ‘Zen’.


Spa “La vie en rose”

How can something like this happen? The choice of beauty treatments, as well as special “body coaching” programs, is wide and even though you would like to choose and try all of them, professional therapists will recognize your needs and recommend treatments after which you will truly see “la vie en rose”. Tired of the city stress, we got a recommendation for a treatment: a combination of whole body relaxation and a fruit-based Thailon scrub, showering with morning dew, and then relaxing the whole body with a “de-stress” massage. But the icing on the cake was a filigree anti-aging facial massage. Wondering what filigree means?

Have you ever had a chance to experience a massage that included every inch of your décolletage and face? This special technique of comfortable, finely embroidered touch involves a therapist massaging every part of the décolletage, neck, and face muscles, and is a truly special experience. Indian and Asian women are said to use this type of massage as it stimulates blood circulation and skin tone, and thus naturally slows down the aging process. And if it is combined with technologically advanced Swiss cosmetics involving stem cells, you will see results immediately after the treatment. However, the best results are visible after a few weeks. We are certain that you have never experienced this kind of treatment. Therefore, we highly recommend it!

Deeply relaxed, calm and revitalized, you can finally enjoy all the additional services of this beautiful hotel. You can refresh with cocktails on the breathtaking terrace of the Alto Rosso lounge bar overlooking the sea, or you can enjoy a fragrant cup of tea and a good book in the quiet atrium garden. Get a bronze tan in the shade of the trees or by the pool, or on the private beach below the hotel. A gourmet experience can influence relaxation as well, and in order to ‘close the circle’ of a hedonistic holiday, we were curious to inspect the offer of the à la carte Bava restaurant.


A feast of delicacies to your taste buds

A refreshing lobster cocktail with sun-dried tomatoes and a glass of Prosecco rosé were a pleasant surprise. Homemade pasta with asparagus sauce and well-known Kvarner scampi proved to be the right choice as well. This fragrant pasta, with a slightly sweet flavour from whole grain flour, enchanted us from the very first taste. With a sharp taste of asparagus and sweet shrimp tails, it proved to be the perfect summer meal. However, we heard that one of the specialties was a burger with specially prepared meat that has to “rest” for three days, as well as exquisite Istrian beef (“boškarin”), which has a special flavour because the free-grazing cattle on Unije island eat salty, aromatic herbs. Unfortunately, there was no room for dessert, but we are not sorry because this is just another reason to return to this magical place that offers much more than just a pleasant ambience.

And finally, a small hint. Do not forget to visit the Bellevue Boutique. It was a special experience for a special blog so let me give you a few details before wrapping up. Every detail in the hotel has been chosen with the greatest care, and the Bellevue Boutique reflects this kind of thinking. It brings together selected names from the Croatian fashion scene, so if you are on Lošinj, but are not staying at the Bellevue Hotel, feel free to drop by and try out the brilliant creations of top fashion designers, such as Ivana Omazić for Adrian, Anamaria Brkić for A’Marie, Ana Brajković for Nebo, and many others.

The Bellevue Hotel exceeded our expectations and after a seven-day holiday definitely inspired us to continue humming … ‘Quand il me prend dans ses bras …. il me parle tout bas …. je vois la vie en rose ‘.

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