Irresistible Charm of the Vespera hotel little guests

Sleeping beauties, Japanese – Croatian friendships and a party that even chicken pox couldn’t stop


Entertainment team from the Hotel Vespera

Vacation with children is a special kind of privilege and joy. Nothing can touch us, make us laugh and delight us more than kids. And here, in our family hotel Vespera, we have a lots of kids, every year, whole summer and our animation team is full of happy, funny and touchy stories from our short (but sweet) times with yours (and ours) kids.

We will share three short stories, that are kind of classics of our sweet memories – and we invite you to share your comments and inspiring moments from your stay with us! Let us revive good memories and cherish precious moments of life together! :)

1. Something like fifty sleeping beauties

Animation rooms where kids stay in our hotel are quiet very seldom (I guess you will understand that) – murmur of languages, voices of different aged kids, songs and loud sounds of joy are the usual soundtrack of childhood vacations. That rainy day was no exception in that sense, at least in the beginning. We decided to show popular and entertaining cartoon – Sleeping Beauty. Something about 50 kids sat on the floor, in joyful expectation. After we made sure that room was dark, we started the movie and very soon we heard suspicious silence. We checked the kids and realized with surprise that all kids, aged 3-15 were lying on the floor, sleeping! Swimming, sunbathing, jumping and other vacation joys took a toll! Kids were tired and all they needed was just a little stimulus to make them lie down and fall asleep. They became our sleeping beauties – 50 of them in a single room. Our animation team was laughing to this incredible situation for many, many days.


Unbreakable bond of friendship

2. Language barrier? No such thing in kids’ friendships!

Communication experts say that only about 7% of communication is conveyed in words. Kids know that very well. Every day we see kids from different countries communicate and play, but the most interesting were two girls – one of them from Japan and the other one from Zagreb, Croatia. In year 2013. they’ve created strong, solid summer friendship. Since they were inseparable, parents helped them, so our little guests are still writing letters to each other. This cute story was told to us by girl’s parents, when they came in Vespera again. We must add to this story: what a great value is start to build strong international friendships – world looks like a better and more friendly place when you have friends in different cities and distant countries! Thumbs up for the girls and their diligent parents!

3. Chicken pox, Pino and private birthday party

Kids adore our mascot Pino. Pino is inspired by dense pine trees in whose dense security of shade kids can play on the beach all day long. One girl from Vienna asked her family to come to Vespera because she loved Pino. After seven days of joy in our animation club girl got sick – she got chicken pox – and she got them on her birthday. But, our animators wouldn’t let that chicken pox ruin vacation for this little girl – Pino, animators and the cake headed straight to girl’s room, where they threw joyful party. For another three days in our hotel little girl took part in Mini Club program from her balcony. If there is have love and friendship there will be no obstacles, everything is possible and everything turns out fine.


Hotel mascots Pino and Pineta

Working with kids and for the kids without tons of smiles and serenity is not possible! Our team is grateful for the chance to work with your kids and for your kids. We take pride and joy in enriching your family vacation, but at the same time working with your kids enriches our lives and hearts! Welcome to Vespera!

4. Pino i DIY Vespera in little Zagreb guest’s house

Little guest’s family deeply moved us by the photos they’ve sent to us – girl wanted to make her vacation lasts longer, so on their balcony they created some sort of DIY Vespera. Inflatable boat became Vespera pool, they drew their Pino on the wall, using colored chalk – and the party could begin. Kids always leave us breathless with their simplicity and emotions! There is another touchy story – Slovenian girl ordered birthday cake with image of our Pino, when she celebrated her birthday in Slovenia. Although there are numerous lovely characters from famous movies that kids love, this little girl choose Pino as her source of joy and happiness. What can we add to that? – such stories touch our hearts and inspire us to be even better, so that we never stop filling hearts and souls of our little guest with precious experiences. Because the more joy and pleasant experiences you have in your soul – the better.

Thank you for sharing joy of life, parenting and vacation with us!

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