It’s never too late for a good New Year’s resolution

At the beginning of a new year, the arrival of summer or when a new academic year starts, we usually feel the urge to make some positive changes in our lives.


Adopt healthy habits and change your life for the better – on Lošinj!

We all need more peace and harmony, we ought to do more exercise, eat healthier food and be less exposed to stress. The lifestyle industry offers various solutions: fitness programmes, healthy food, breathing and meditation courses, etc. All of these are good. However, if we want to really change something for the better, the most important thing is for the change to be smooth and simple. The biggest problem with most New Year’s resolutions and decisions that we make before summer and other important moments in our lives is their sustainability in real life. Drastic decisions, complex diets or complicated exercise programmes cannot last if they require too much energy in our hectic daily rhythm.

For this reason, probably the best strategy for long-term change and adopting good habits is to go on a holiday where, through a combination of tradition and modern science, we get the chance to stop for a moment and have a look at our habits from a different perspective. We can also listen to our body and soul and start a better, healthier and happier life away from our daily routine. Lošinj offers many opportunities for relaxation, recreation and recovery. You can choose those that suit your needs best or make you happy. If you want to be healthier, happier and more relaxed, you should not leave it to chance. Knowledge, resources, tradition and our expert teams are here to help you start living a better and healthier life – now!


Lošinj’s tradition as a health resort can be very inspiring if you want to take more thorough care of your health. Combine a health and leisure holiday, and have a medical check-up in an idyllic seaside environment. You can also benefit from a consultation with a nutritionist, special exercise and breathing therapies, wellness treatments and meditation. Improve your health with carefully chosen food from the ecologically clean Kvarner region, prepared according to your individual needs, and adopt new and healthy habits for your daily routine.

If you have breathing problems, Lošinj is the ideal place for you. After an initial examination (for you or your child), our experts will recommend suitable exercises and treatments and will show you how to use the healing island air filled with beneficial sea particles and essential oils to improve the health of your respiratory system.


Shaping your body and adopting healthy eating and movement habits requires an initial effort and determination if you want to make it work in the long-run and if you want to be happy with your vitality and body shape. Our Silhouette programme at the Hotel Bellevue***** includes a medical examination at the beginning and end of the course, a consultation with a nutritionist, carefully selected meals, exercise and as many as 10 targeted SPA treatments whose objective is to stimulate metabolic processes and give you the strength and impetus to continue taking care of your body, vitality and shape. This programme is a true ‘restart’ for your organism.


Eximia HR77 – the most innovative solution for the effective implementation of non-invasive aesthetic procedures.


The eight LHV restaurants with eight different culinary profiles will surely meet your requirements and preferences. They all use fresh, local ingredients, carefully prepared in a way that combines the latest trends in cooking with tradition and the pleasant ambience they are located in. Enjoy your meals and get inspired to continue cooking in the Mediterranean style for the sake of your health. The combination of fresh air with beneficial seawater particles, pleasant music, a calm natural atmosphere and beautiful views of the sea will feed your soul and provide deep relaxation.


Walking is a very healthy yet rather underestimated recreational activity. Did you know that walking burns the same amount of calories as running, only over a longer period of time? Benefit from the 250 km of well-tended walking and hiking trails on Lošinj along the coast and through its pine forests, or explore remote parts of the island. You can discover secluded coves where local people escape from their ‘overpopulated’ town to grow olives, set out to sea, or simply enjoy the beautiful harmony of nature. Climb the 588-metre-high Mount Osoršćica to admire what many describe as the most beautiful view of Kvarner Bay. The extraordinary beauty of this mountain will invigorate your body and soul. If you are into adventure sports, Lošinj is the venue of an attractive downhill mountain bike race on the slope of the island’s mountains and hills.


Small towns may lack the abundance of events to choose from that big cities have, but they offer plenty of space for relaxation. Walking along the waterfront, having a cup of coffee or glass of juice in your favourite café and chatting and laughing with your friends about the important and less important things in life; these are the things that make up the daily routine in Lošinj. Good interpersonal relationships, laughter and the support of your friends are just as important as good food, clean air or regular exercise. In large cities, we are sometimes so overwhelmed with everything that we forget to appreciate what’s really important. A good cup of coffee in the early afternoon with a glass of orange juice in pleasant company on Borik terrace is reason enough to visit Lošinj in every season.


The ‘Lungomare’ promenade stretches for kilometres along the Lošinj coastline past numerous coves and through a fragrant pine forest.


It is said that a holiday is not about not doing anything but about changing your activities. Change your daily office routine for days filled with healthy, balanced activities under expert guidance in an idyllic ambience filled with fresh, healing air and you will definitely be satisfied with the effect on your body, mind and soul. Since activity-packed holidays are increasingly popular, we have created programmes to help you break your office routine. You can exercise in water or in the open air virtually throughout the year due to the area’s mild climate and pleasant temperature. Special fitness programmes have also been created to meet the needs of even the most demanding visitors interested in improving their vitality and making a healthy change to their lives. If you are coming with your children, we offer specially designed children’s programmes for healthy movement, stretching and balanced development. Our team of activity holiday experts consists of renowned trainers who develop quality exercise programmes that are highly efficient. These include both gentle programmes that gradually increase in intensity for beginners and also intensive and challenging ones for active athletes.


On Lošinj, the bathing season lasts longer than elsewhere in the area. It starts as early as May (at least for the bravest swimmers) and lasts until mid or late October. What can be better than swimming in the crystal clear sea and then resting in the shade of a fragrant forest, taking in the fresh air? Our restaurants offer delicious meals to restore your energy and boost the effects of a well-deserved holiday! Local people say that sometimes it gets so warm that you can go about in a T-shirt as early as February, during the carnival season. Escape the winter without having to travel too far. Lošinj’s warm sun and pleasantly warm sea are just a few hundred kilometres away.

Our tourism is based on sharing our knowledge about vitality, the joy of living and health with our guests. We may not have any highly developed industry or technology giants on our island, but our speciality is a good, long and healthy life. For the last 125 years, we have been proudly offering our guests our well-preserved nature, delicious food, proven natural recipes for cosmetics, beneficial air, forests and water. The Island of Vitality is ready to help you live a fuller, happier and healthier life.


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