Lucky 13 interview series: Chef Saša Pribičević

What are chef Saša’s favorite ingredients? Would he rather go for a burger or for some oysters? Find out in our swift interview with chef Saša from Matsunoki restaurant at Hotel Bellevue.

Chef Saša Pribičević from the Matsunoki restaurant at Hotel Bellevue

1. What was your favourite meal as a child?
My favorite meal was, as for most kids, breaded cutlet and mashed potatoes.

2. When did you first grab a wooden spoon to cook yourself?
I started cooking very early, at the age of 13, often helping my grandmother in the kitchen.

3. Your signature dish – in the restaurant and at home?
Most of the dishes I cook at the restaurant are signature dishes, while at home I mostly prefer local cuisine.

4. Who would you like to cook for?
It is always an honor to cook for gastronomes and foodies. When you satisfy their palate, it definitely gives you pleasure.

5. Who is your culinary idol?
There are many chefs who inspire me. However, in regard to my domain, I especially honour chef Morimoto Maasharu.

6. If you could choose three ingredients: one each for a city, a country and a coast. What would you go for? And: what would you cook with your choice of three?
It is difficult for me to choose because as a small country we are very rich in good and quality foods. I will point out what makes us recognizable, such as fresh Adriatic fish, olive oil and truffles. These ingredients are quite common in my kitchen so they range from sushi and sashimi, starters and main courses.

7. Which dish deserves a revival?
I would not say a dish, but traditional cuisine because everything begins with and stems from it.

8. Your favourite restaurant?
There are more if we talk about the island, but I’m very happy to go to a friend of mine who owns a small Trattoria and serves a phenomenal pasta.

9. Your favourite place (worldwide) for a picnic?
Hidden cove.

10. Baroque decoration or more minimal?
Of course minimalism.

11. Sparkling wine or sparkling/still water?
It depends on the occasion.

12. Burger or oyster?
Definitely a hamburger.

13. How are you as a boss in the kitchen?
Strict and righteous.

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