Lucky 13 interview series: Chef Thomas Brasleret

We sat down one sunny afternoon with Chef Thomas Brasleret, Executive Chef of Alfred Keller, our signature restaurant at Boutique Hotel Alhambra & Villa Augusta and asked him questions like which kitchen utensil is overrated and what he splurges on.  Read on to see what he told us.

Chef Thomas from the Alfred Keller restaurant at Boutique Hotel Alhambra & Villa Augusta

1. What was your favourite meal as a child?
Stuffed tomatoes and rice my mom Martine made was simply amazing.

2. Which kitchen utensil is completely overrated?
I would say the fryer.

3. Which food item or tool is worth splurging on?
Well, cooking in the cast iron casserole brings me so much happiness, so I’d go for that.

4. If you could choose three ingredients: one each for a city, a country and a coast. What would you go for? And: what would you cook with your choice of three?
Being French, I have to start with a nice and crispy baguette from Paris, a good veal from Italy and amazing scampi from the Croatian adriatic coast. To prepare a simple veal and scampi tartare on a slice of bread.

5. Which culinary hype should be buried?
Without a doubt the “sous Vide“ cooking, it’s not bringing any emotions.

6. Which recipe do you really want to try someday?
La poularde en vessie – Chicken in Bladder.

7. Who is your culinary idol?
Right now I would say chef Alexandre Mazzia, for his uncomformisme and artistic way of approaching the kitchen.

8. Which dish do you have too much respect for as of yet?
Hazelnut Cauliflower and Caviar from Ferran Adria that I’d had the pleasure to taste back in 2015 was heavenly!

9. Who do you prefer to cook for you?
Anyone, as long as we are eating together.

10. Your favourite place (worldwide) for a picnic?
The place where I can go tomorrow – Saint Ivan Hill from where you can enjoy the 360‘ view of the Lošinj island. It’s magnificent!

11. Your favourite song for an aperitif?
“Le Lac“ by Julien Dore.

12. Your all-time cookbook treasure or a more recent find?
My all time cookbook treasure (La Cuisine de Référence).

13. Your anti-stress recipe?
Spaghetti Bolognese.

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