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Did you know that olive trees are among the longest-living organisms? Even though they grow on the meager soil, exposed to drought, salt and strong winds bura and jugo, olive trees may be old up to two thousand years. This beautiful, strong, evergreen tree, with it’s silver-green foliage and silvery bark is beautiful throughout the whole year.

For Lošinj people olives were always the source of the precious olive oil, which enriches the light, not very caloric seafood. Other than that, olive tree offered a dense and pleasant shade during hot Mediterranean summer. Sitting under an olive tree, eating fish with olive oil and enjoying a glass of wine is synonym for good life and pure joy for people of Mediterranean. And rightfully so!

Thick, creamy green color of the virgin olive oil, it’s specific taste and countless beneficial effects make olive oil main ingredient of the Mediterranean healthy diet. Every dish, from vegetables to grilled fish will be enriched with special flavor and texture if it is gently poured with olive oil. The simplicity of olive tree finds it’s way into cooking with olive oil. No complicated procedures, no long and tricky steps – just pour – and enjoy!

Maslinovo ulje u gastronomiji

Olive oil has always been used for skin care, as a cure for different diseases and as a massage oil. All the ingredients of olive oil are good for skin, hair and muscles. Greek athletes used to get massage with olive oil before the competitions. They believed that olive oil will improve athletic performance by making skin and muscles smooth and elastic. Women of ancient cultures used olive oil for their skin and hair care. Even today many people use precious ingredients of olive oil to preserve the vitality of body, hair and face.

Although olive oil is part of elaborated creams, lotions and conditioners with bee wax and essential oils, it also works fine alone – all you have to do is gently massage it into the skin. Take a short moment to enjoy it’s silky texture, smell and color. That way simple daily ritual will become sweet wellness experience. You can also try this simple beauty recipe: massage your body with olive oil before taking a warm bath. Warm water will allow your skin to absorb all the nutrients from the oil. When you’re done, pat dry your skin and remove excess olive oil. Your skin will be smooth and gentle. You might want to try hair beauty treatment of ancient Greek and Roman women, who took care about their dark, long hair with olive oil – all you need to do is rub oil into your hair, let it sit for an hour and than shampoo and condition your hair as usual. You will be amazed how silky and shiny your hair is!

Wellness team of Aurora Hotel created Unije Rejuvenation wellness program, based on olive oil. It is named by island Unije, lovely island near Lošinj, where ancient inhabitants of Lošinj planted olive orchards. Unije Rejuvenation program revives beauty and simplicity of nature, harmony and health. First part of treatment is detailed peeling with olive oil and ground apricot seeds. Combination of these nurturing ingredients rejuvenates and deeply refreshes your skin. After your skin is smooth and rejuvenated, it’s time for massage with warm olive oil, enriched by essential oils of Lošinj. Humble olive oil will surprise you with it’s nobility and efficiency. Pretty good, isn’t it?

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