Story about the beginning of Lošinj tourism

Recovery of a sick boy, scientific studies about health benefits of Lošinj, aristocracy of Vienna, afforestation with hundreds of thousands of pine trees… and preserved harmony of nature and architecture

Little school of healthy breathing

Little school of healthy breathing on Lošinj Island

If your child has a respiratory disease or breathing problems, healing Lošinj air him / her to breathe with full lungs and recover from respiratory diseases or problems.

By the end of the 19th century science was totally in fashion. To be able to measure, prove, find regularity in the world around us was a pretty hot topic in those days. Thanks to Lošinj scientist Ambroz Haračić, Lošinj became one of the important scientific topics. A climatologist of Austria-Hungary and Ambroz Haračić were very interested in the subject of Lošinj climate and its health benefits. Idyllic weather, irresistible smell of the sea, location of the island, numerous aromatic plants, mild and sunny winter, when translated into graphs and statistics has proved what Lošinj people already knew – being on Lošinj is good for human health! And even more than that!

Veli Lošinj

“Here one lives very well” wrote someone long ago and it still applies today

An Austrian expert for climate and healing waters, Dr. Conrad Clar stumbled upon some interesting studies about the healing properties of Lošinj and got really interested – as an expert, but also as a father. His son suffered from a chronic respiratory disease. In 1885 he came to Lošinj. He diligently studied the Lošinj climate and environment, but what really proved that Lošinj has an extraordinary climate and air was that in only three weeks his son recovered completely! Great interest of the scientific and health community and recommendations of tourists who also recovered on Lošinj were reasons why, in only a few years, Lošinj became a popular health tourism destination.

Only one year after Dr. Clar’s son recovered Lošinj was visited by a delegation of doctors and university professors from Vienna. They supported previous studies and came to the conclusion that Lošinj really is exceptionally beneficial for human health. In 1892 the Austro-Hungarian Ministry of Health officially declared Veli Lošinj to be a “Climatic Health Resort”. Soon after that, Lošinj was visited by numerous members of the Austro-Hungarian aristocracy and business elite.

Prominent Lošinj guests started to build their beautiful villas, which are now tourist pensions, restaurants or hotels for people who look for a better and healthier vacation. In some of those old villas we have our restaurants – in which we proudly invite you to enjoy a meal full of health and taste.

Very soon after Lošinj was declared a climatic health resort, the first Health Resort for respiratory diseases was opened in Veli Lošinj. The best evidence for health benefits of our climate is that this resort has worked continuously for over 120 years with great success and reputation.

Island of Lošinj

Pinewood on Lošinj island

Domestic and foreign entrepreneurs very soon recognized the value of Lošinj as a prestigious tourist destination, so in 1902 the first tourist boarding house was opened in Mali Lošinj. But Lošinj nature was never compromised by the uncontrolled building of hotels or apartments. Preserving nature, balance and harmony is deeply ingrained in the spirit of Lošinj tourism. Although Lošinj is a prestigious tourist destination, you can enjoy large areas of untouched nature, and tourist areas are not at all crowded. Our hotels are situated in pine woods, surrounded by plenty of space, nature and lovely walking trails.

Local people nurture a strong awareness of the value of their island and its nature. That’s why Lošinj is such a lovely and harmonious island, with architecture and nature in perfect balance. A great contribution belongs to the beloved and never forgotten Lošinj scientist, Ambroz Haračić.

People of Lošinj still keep alive the memory of Ambroz Haračić, whose studies and researches enabled the international scientific community to become familiar with Lošinj. But, other than his scientific contribution, he greatly contributed to the beauty and prominence of Lošinj simply by his hard work.

As the founder of Lošinj Society for Afforestation and Embelishment he inspired and took part in the afforestation of the island of Lošinj. In the first year they planted more than 80,000 pine trees. Every year after that more than 300 000 pine trees were planted. Knowing that back then only a few thousand people lived on the island of Lošinj, this project looked almost surreal. But, a sincere interest in the common good and a great love for one’s homeland, its dignity and long term prosperity, are motivators which always could, and can, achieve the impossible.

Hundred year old pines today cover a great part of Lošinj. Pine woods provide dense shade and an intoxicating smell and look beautiful. For trekkers and joggers they create soft, quiet roads made of dry pine needles. Pine trees have become one of Lošinj’s trademarks.

The heroic enterprise of Ambroz Haračić and his associates inspired the Lošinj people, who take great care of their nature, knowing how much effort and time it takes to renew its beauty. That’s why everything on Lošinj is built with moderation, in harmony with nature, without extravagance. Air is not the only thing that heals and recovers. Beauty, harmony and peace are the other ingredients of the Lošinj recipe for vitality, health and longevity.

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