Summer vacation how-to or secret trump cards of the family hotel

Family hotel = a place that has everything necessary for small (or a bit older) children, and where waiters can evade even the most unexpected running manoeuvers of a curious toddler, and do it with a smile!


Carefree family vacation on the coast – that’s Lošinj!

Children… oh, they are fascinating creatures – impulsive, honest, very curious about the world around them! They show their feelings immediately, they are not tied by social convention – they are not embarrassed to cry, yell or loudly express their needs and wants wherever they are – in the restaurant… on the street… in a classical music concert.

Little children, as you know, do not care about the laws of nature – so the force of gravity, the experience of freefalling or hot soup can be quite a surprise for them in one of their optimistic expeditions on the stairs, dock edge… or in research project of pulling the tablecloth.

That’s why life, and vacation, with a child can look pretty much like the military training of the American marines – or at least a sports boot camp – and that is particularly true if you try to survive with a child in an environment that is not suitable or equipped for kids.

Children who are a bit older are a lot more careful in situations that could be serious life threats, but the adventurist spirit, that grows as a child’s body grows stronger, brings the need to conquer new spaces (mum, dad, let’s go! Let’s go! Let’s go!), and the frequent feeling of boredom, and from bored children, the result is very soon boring the parents.

For everybody it is important where to go – but for families it is even more important – it can make a difference between a great and… well, not so great, vacation.

Vacations are important – we need to refill our batteries, take time to connect with our family, create lovely memories together, and recover body and spirit in the clean nature, by the sea and in the warm summer sun. Find the time for special bonding, heart to heart talks and excursions… to watch our children learn new skills – in the sea, sand, on the sports field, meeting new people – is a true blessing.

That’s why we invite you to choose our family hotel Vespera – a place where the risk, stress and challenges of a vacation are minimized, while enjoyment and resting will reach its maximum. We have all that you might need to look after your child – a stroller, high chair, bath tub, potty… children’s dining area in the restaurant, and the hotel reception has low desk – so that even small guests can ask for help or advice.

Since we wanted to offer children a material sign that this hotel is for them, we have created a mascot, Pino. Kids love to talk to Pino, play and take photos with him during our evening animation programs.


Having fun making new friends

But, although things are important – that is not enough – for children and the family what matters most is the spirit of our hotel – the family hotel is a hotel with understanding, love and patience for families and all their needs, joys and challenges. Waiters are trained to avoid the unpredictable running of two-year olds, our chefs know what children will eat (and what they prefer not to eat), our staff will gladly help a child that has lost his parents, and everybody will show sympathy for the family who is having a fight with a stubborn baby and its protests in high C major. And no one will be surprised by the fact that children are loud, 8-year olds lively or that teenagers giggle all the time.

We want kids to have a fulfilled summer and we want to enable the parents to have a moment or two to sit on a terrace and enjoy the sea view and enjoy a good drink with each other. Therefore, we have all day long programs for children – sports, creative workshops, outdoor and indoor games, evening fun programs, provided by teams of educated and experienced animators.

Our hotel is special for one other thing – below it we have a beach, with the dense shade of pine trees, where your children can safely spend all day, enjoying the beach, sun and a beautiful, big In the family hotel there are always a lot of other children, so yours will certainly find a group of children to play with and spend an enjoyable and fulfilled summer.


Pino – hotel Vespera mascot.

Some of experiences with children are really heartwarming – and they help us to put up with the difficult, marathonlike side of parenting. To see the sparkle in your child’s eyes when he sees the sea for the first time… to share the joy of the 10year old who notices a really big fish while snorkelling, to enjoy watching your baby eat her first ice cream… or realize your teenager felt butterflies in his stomach when he saw beautiful Marie from Berlin… that is what precious memories are made of.

Family hotel Vespera is here for you, to help you to rest as well as possible,  relaxed and peaceful, so that you spend most of your time enjoying your children and family – and with your children and family. Your satisfaction and the satisfaction of your children is the biggest motivation for running this vivacious and joyful hotel. We are happy to see that families return here, year after year, knowing that we will provide everything that they need to be well-rested, happy and content.

Small things can make a big difference!

Lidija, Zagreb: This hotel is great – everything is suitable for children, restaurant, waiters, hall, staff, activities – I am so happy – I couldn’t even imagine things would be so great!

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  1. Thank you for a perfect holidays! Best regards to hotel team and PINO! We are impressed with your approach to the guests and children :) Ideal place for families. Finally we could rest and not to be embarassed with a cry or other unexpected behaviour of our small daughter.

    • Thank you for such a nice comment. The best memories are childhood memories. We hope you and your family will visit our beautiful island again. Greetings from LH&V Team.

  2. Our week in Hotel Vespera (Mali Losinj) is nearly at the end.
    We can only say – GREAT. perfect accommodation, good food, possibilities for children activities good. See in area absolute clean, great climate. Losinj is the best location in Croatia I have ever seen. Who would like to spend perfect holiday with a lot of activities (not really as boring all inclusive style in Turkish resorts), we can just recommend !!!
    Next year – same place, same time, just couple of days longer – 1 week here is not enough.
    Nikitka, Gretka, Paula, Adam and Patrik

    • Thank you for your feedback. Glad to see you’ve spend a nice family holiday on Lošinj. Looking forward to welcoming you again next year!
      LH&V Team

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