The vision of the LHV wellness manager: the scents of nature for better vitality and health

The Hotel Bellevue and the Boutique Hotel Alhambra have been recognised by guests who like to travel and who appreciate luxury as exceptionally attractive and innovative hotels that are well worth visiting. The entire island of Lošinj, and particularly its Bellevue and Alhambra hotels, represent an ideal choice for all guests who want to improve their health, vitality and beauty.

What can you expect from the Spa Clinic Bellevue and Alhambra Spa luxury wellness centres in the new season? We asked this question to Mladenka Mesarić, the Corporate Spa Director at Lošinj Hotels & Villas.


Mladenka Mesarić, LHV Corporate Spa Director

The Spa Clinic is part of the integrated health programme at the
Hotel Bellevue which helps guests restore their natural strength, beauty and vitality. Can you explain the connection between the Spa Clinic and the other elements of the Bellevue health programmes?

The concept of the Spa Clinic is recognisable for its combination of modern technology with traditional medicine, and for focusing on non-invasive, non-surgical spa & wellness treatments based on slow aging principles. The programmes that we offer our clients were developed by a team of professionals: doctors, nutritionists, kinesiologists, physiotherapists, and spa therapists. Each one of these monitors and directs treatments in order to achieve the best results. A distinctive feature of the Spa Clinic is the fact that it provides visible results.

For the Spa Clinic and Spa Alhambra, you chose Elemis cosmetics, a famous and highly appreciated English natural cosmetics brand. Why Elemis?

In the world of cosmetics, the Elemis brand has the same reputation as Lamborghini or Ferrari in the automotive industry. After twenty-five years of continuous efforts in developing uncompromising first-class formulas, Elemis is today a world leader in elite cosmetics, and represented in the best hotels in the world.
We had no doubts: our Bellevue and Alhambra hotels deserve only the best. For this reason, we chose Elemis and its special combination of beauty, scents, luxury and visible results.
I’d like to point out that Elemis trains its therapists for several weeks, which is important and rather unusual. The objective of this thorough training is the correct application of Elemis cosmetics products to the satisfaction of all clients.


Elemis cosmetics

Which characteristic of Elemis cosmetics has made the strongest impression on you?

The brand’s motto is a blend of nature, aromas, plants and modern technology. Elemis researchers travel around the world in search of the best and most effective plants and natural ingredients for their products. A particularly interesting example is the best-selling Pro-collagen Marine Cream, which according to statistics is sold somewhere every 6 minutes.

What can Spa Clinic clients expect from Elemis cosmetics treatments?

You can expect a unique experience, breathtaking scents and aromas, but above all results that are visible very soon. For me, it was love at first sight.
Before every treatment, our therapists talk for several minutes with clients in order to adapt the treatment to their individual needs. Each treatment is designed in a special way and well thought out, and the touch of the therapist’s hands combined with first-class cosmetics is always a very pleasant and relaxing experience.


Bellevue Spa Clinic

When developing the Bellevue and Alhambra wellness concepts, your aim was to offer guests an even better quality of service. What would you highlight as the distinctive features of these wellness centres compared to similar hotels in the world?

When it comes to spa & wellness centres and their offers, you will always find many similarities in the texts and descriptions of treatments. However, I would say that nice rooms, efficient treatments and good cosmetics are only part of being successful. Our philosophy is based primarily on the awareness that a wellness centre can only be successful if its staff are kind, professional and fully dedicated. For us, it is extremely important to train our people and to recognise therapists who are truly devoted to what they do and who continuously invest in their own personal growth and development. Our teams consist of both experienced therapists and young practitioners, because we strongly believe that this combination provides the dynamics that makes a wellness centre truly special. I like to say that our therapists have golden hands and great enthusiasm, and without them even the most beautifully designed spa centre would look empty and soulless.


Alhambra Spa Team

Both the Alhambra Spa and the Spa Clinic Bellevue are dedicated to excellence, beauty and innovative programmes, yet they were created in a way that each one of them is distinguished by an individual style. What would you highlight as the distinctive feature of each of them?

The Bellevue Spa Clinic offers savoir vivre and a new generation spa experience. The synergy of the healthy island nature, sophisticated and pleasant atmosphere, high-quality cosmetics products of the world’s leading laboratories, and trained therapists offers everything that you need for complete relaxation and renewal of body and soul.
Spacious and elegant, the Bellevue Spa Clinic consists of indoor and outdoor pool areas, a relax zone and a beautiful Spa garden in which you can enjoy the benefits of the healing nature. The pools are filled with heated seawater, and the sunbathing areas and Spa garden are located in the shade of fragrant centuries-old pines.
The beauty and wellness areas include a large, bright and elegant space for facial and body treatments. From the moment you step into the Spa Clinic, you will feel relaxed, and our therapists will gladly recommend you a treatment or programme that best suits your needs.
The fitness zone consists of a gym and a separate, comfortable yoga and Pilates studio in which you can keep fit. The gym is equipped with the latest TechnoGym equipment. Our kinesiologist is always at your disposal for help, useful advice or individual training. If you prefer calmer, anaerobic exercise, the yoga and Pilates studio offers all the comfort that you need.
The Spa Clinic of the Hotel Bellevue is a blend of natural materials, stone, onyx, light and impressive architecture. Beauty has a positive effect on the state of the human spirit and thus contributes to the slow-aging effect. The Spa Clinic also offers health programmes for weight loss, stress relief, energy renewal and detoxification.


Alhambra Spa

Deeply rooted in the timeless healing tradition of the world’s most ancient cultures, the Alhambra Spa has been designed to restore the balance and harmony between body and spirit in an oasis of beauty and peace. The intoxicating scents of exotic elixirs and the organic oils of the Cres-Lošinj archipelago are used in treatments to improve health and to achieve a state of peace and well-being from within and from without. If you want to feel balanced, rejuvenated and full of energy, our special treatments, therapies, and rituals are the right choice for you.

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