Warm Mediterranean autumn for swimming in the sea & sunny pleasant winter walks in fragrant environment of evergreen trails

If you have never spent autumn on Lošinj, we are sure you cannot even imagine perfect summer & autumn warmth, combined with peaceful atmosphere, still warm sea that you can swim in, intoxicating evening and enchanting mornings… And if you’ve never spent winter with us – imagine yourself sitting on a terrace, soaking still warm Mediterranean sun and energizing smells of sea and pine trees.


Open-air wellness, that’s Lošinj!

Summer vacations are common and important escape from hot cities, they are minimum requirement for health protection, life satisfaction and vitality. Kids look forward to sea bathing, grown-ups look forward to swimming and sun bathing, we joyfully think about summer walks, nice views, tasteful food, having fun with friends and deep relaxation. You already know how great summer vacations on island Lošinj are – you know where your favorite beach is, you trust Lošinj hotels where we stay and restaurants where we enjoy… Thinking about summer vacation is kind of safe inner oasis of our busy lives.

But, summer vacation is only one part of the cycle of our life efforts and necessary rest; in order to give our best in all life challenges we need to take care about our resources, our health, peace and relaxation. It is important to renew oneself, get rest and address our jobs, relationships and life situations refreshed and calm. Sometimes, as you surely know, few day of rest can be much more valuable for business results than a week of work when we are overstressed, overworked and overwhelmed with demanding daily routine.

Lošinj is perfect place for rest in all seasons; you can swim in the sea during September – and even in October; winters are pleasant and mild, nature is sunny and green all year around, and spring comes here already by the end of the February. In every season you will find ideal oasis of relaxation, beauty and harmony. Healing properties of our air, sea and nature will strengthened your body and mind with waterfalls of vitality.


Evergreen Island of Lošinj

As a company whose mission is to take care about your wellbeing, we offer you all the services you need for total relaxation and rejuvenation – wellness, spa clinic, great massages with eteric oils from our local plants, sea algae and healing clay, tasteful food and vine, sport programs and pulmonary rehabilitation.

We’re here to help you get back into harmony and balance, renew your life energy and enable you to get rest on all the levels and in tune with your needs. Teams of experienced therapists, wellness experts, physiotherapist, doctors, coaches, cooks, nutritionist, waiters and animators are at your service in all our hotels. Make the best out of your rest!

Our rooms, restaurants, sport and wellness centers are designed so that they maximize healing effect of Lošinj and Lošinj’s air on your health.

Choose some of our packages and programs, or simply come and create your rest as you go – combine long walks in an inspiring nature with our wellness and spa services. Weather you choose to come with your business partners, family or friends – we have perfect package for every occasion.


Romantic sunset

Why not celebrate New Year’s eve with us – we offer perfect combination of fun, joy, relaxation and rejuvenation that will take you and your loved ones in New Year in an inspiring and enriching way. For a long time this experience will will warm you with the Mediterranean sun, beauty of the sea and gastronomic pleasures that you will remember with joy and delight.

All year around we are here for you – welcome!

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