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Group packages
Discover the tradition and history of Losinj Island

The history of Lošinj

Discover the rich history and culture of the islands and the fascinating traditions of 'the people of the sea' who have lived here over the centuries.

Lošinj Island Figs

Scents and Flavours of Lošinj

Lošinj is a fertile island brimming with aromatic herbs and seasonal fruit – this package will delight your senses with local fragrances and flavours.

Climbing the Osorscica mountain

Hiking and trekking around the island

With more than 250 km of maintained trails to discover on the island, we have trekking programmes for experience hikers and climbers to those who just want a leisurely stroll.

Bottlenose dolphins, inhabitants of the Losinj archipelago

Dolphin Close Encounters

An unmissable visit to the Blue World Marine Centre in Veli Lošinj followed by a boat trip through the reserve for up-close dolphin spotting.

Spring on Lošinj - A season of wild asparagus

Asparagus picking on Lošinj

To really get a taste of Lošinj, you must try the traditional Lošinj's fritaja made with wild asparagus. Or better still, pick your own asparagus and it will taste even better.

Olive picking on Losinj Island

Olive picking holidays

From late October through November you can join us for the annual olive harvest – where you'll experience traditional hand picking in the tranquil of olive groves and get some autumn sun at the same time.

Conference center Aurora

Meetings and Conferences

With specialist conference facilities in Aurora, Punta and Bellevue Hotels, your own business co-ordinator and many additional options, Lošinj is the perfect place for your next business event.

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