Exclusive Dinner with Ilok Cellars

Enjoy an exclusive wine event with the flavours of Ilok Cellars (Iločki podrumi) wines and spend an unforgettable five-course dinner with wine pairing at the Boutique Hotel Alhambra.

Your guide along this wine and gourmet journey will be Vera Zima, head oenologist of Iločki podrumi, who will lead us into the world of their wines.

Ilok Cellars are a bastion of the Croatian winemaking tradition, which has been present in the appellations of Principovac and Vukovo for more than two millennia. They are a part of the undiscovered story of the old world of winemaking – a story in which the Odescalchi family left a powerful mark on the process of creating great wines based on the selection of the best positions, noble grape varieties, new technologies and on-site bottling.

Throughout history, the Ilok Cellars wines traminac (Gewürztraminer) and graševina (Welschriesling) with designated origin are Croatia's most award-winning wines, and their originality and elegance are confirmed by the platinum, gold, silver and bronze medals they have won from the most influential international wine authorities!

Ilok Cellars (Iločki podrumi) have a special connection with the British royal family. The envoy of the royal court, who came to the region looking for wines to serve at the banquet for the coronation of Elizabeth II, chose the wines of Iločki podrumi for this very occasion.

Don't miss this special occasion! We look forward welcoming you on Saturday, April 27th at our Alfred Keller restaurant.


108,00 EUR per person

Exclusive dinner menu - Iločki podrumi


Booking and information: Boutique Hotel Alhambra, tel: +385 (0)51 260 700, email: alhambra.restoran@jadranka.hr