Olive – from ancient to modern times

Get to know the islands of Lošinj and Cres, once known as the Apsyrtides, and experience the culture and tradition of olive cultivation, from ancient to modern times.

You will be treated to a tour of the ancient town of Osor and the Kučić farm located in Martinšćica, where you can find out everything you wanted to know about how olives were cultivated in ancient times and how they are cultivated today. Do not miss your chance to indulge in traditional island delicacies, such as olive pâtés and sheep milk cheese in olive oil, with a glass of wine or homemade sage juice! We will finish up your historic field trip with a visit to a one-of-a-kind museum dedicated to one of the world’s best preserved Greek statutes – the bronze statue of Apoxyomenos found at the bottom of the sea near the island of Lošinj.

Package includes:

  • Private tourist guide
  • Private transfer
  • Tour of Osor
  • Visit to the Kučić farm in Martinšćica
  • Tasting: olive pâté, sheep milk cheese, glass of wine, sage juice
  • Tickets to the Museum of Apoxyomenos


173,00 EUR per person (min. 2 people)
100,00 EUR  per person (min. 4 people)
80,00 EUR per person (min. 6 people)

Accommodation not included in the price.

Olive – from ancient to modern times