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Orange color nights at Providenca

The ingeniously decorated and thematic Providenca viewpoint, located at the top of the Umpiljak hill above Mali Lošinj, offers the most stunning panoramic views of the Lošinj islands. Evenings are especially magical here as the lights of the island “metropolis” slowly begin to flicker in the cove below, and the explosion of the setting sun's bright colours over the dark silhouettes of the surrounding islands will force your eyes to twinkle.

The romantic atmosphere is completed with a light dinner comprised of meat or fish delicacies, much like those once enjoyed by Lošinj sailors. The “Kapetanova užina prije gvardije” platter (“Captain's snack before the guard”) includes a classic selection of cheese and prosciutto, while the “Kapetanova užina nakon gvardije” platter (“Captain's snack after the guard”) boasts marinated anchovies, octopus, and mussels. We can never decide which is better.

Finished with a glass of local wine, the night breeze, and a calming ambience, you will want this dinner for two to last a lifetime.


250,00 HRK for two persons

Accommodation not included in price.


Orange color nights at Providenca