Dr. Adarsh Shetty

Ayurveda specialist, Dr Adarsh Shetty, is visiting the Bellevue Spa Clinic. Overcome stress, emotional trauma, revitalize your personality, restore the balance on the unique island of vitality.

Dr Adarsh Shetty has a 12-year experience in the wellness and health care field and strongly believes in a multidisciplinary, individual approach, which also includes a psychosocial one. His approach focuses on achieving the balance and harmony of an individual. He has worked in world-renowned wellness destinations such as Ananda Spa, Chiva Som, Six Senses and has advised celebrities such as Oprah Winfrey, Martina Navratilova, Julia Lemigova, etc. Always aiming at management and homeostasis of Koshas (sheats of human existence) Physical, Energy & Mental bodywork, his signature Ayurveda therapies & Yoga practices will be designed based upon the ancient Bio-energetics makeup of the individual. Having explored many avenues within Ayurveda & Yoga in past decade, his approach helps to achieve a sound physical body, a harmonious flow of energy and inner balance, seeking to equip each individual with the tools to be more resilient with long lasting results. Dr. Adarsh seeks to facilitate this with lifestyle modification and treatments integrating his expertise in the ancient sciences of Ayurveda & Yoga as well as his appreciation for the demands of modern life.

The programme is implemented through a thorough psychological analysis of personality and Ayurveda treatments, consisting of various massages, exercises and tension release.

Koshas are the five sheats of Human Existence. They are: Physical Body, Energy Body, Mental Body, and Psychic Body & Bliss Body.

Welcome Consultation - about Koshas

Consultation is useful in understanding and recognizing imbalances. It is also the basis of a personalized program during your stay aimed at achieving balance and harmony in all aspects of personality and expression.

Annamaya Kosha (Physical Body)
The Journey for Annamaya Kosha starts from Kalari massage along with other personalised traditional Ayurvedic therapies which blends the body, mind and spirit, thus synchronizing the entire biological system of the body. It enhances the circulation of bodily fluids, activates the lymphatic system, and helps to purify the body. Kalari Massage works on the marmas & nadis, thus it reduces, or eliminates, the pain from injuries. It also strengthens the body by relaxing and opening up energy pathways and prepares the physical body to get in tune with The Energy Body. As well, it includes detoxification procedures.

Pranamaya Kosha (Energy Body Work)
Energy Body Work includes Yogic cleansing practices and breathing work. Its effects on one level can soothe, cleanse, calm and, on another level, it helps to center and revitalize our personality. By exploring various practices, you can find the technique that feels most natural to you. The approach to energy is based on Tantra. It involves a personalised Yoga session, based on the science of chakras, nadis and mantras to identify and influence the energy patterns in the body.

Manomaya Kosha (Mental Body Work)
Manomaya Kosha is composed of the mind. It is a field of energy by itself and is experienced by all humans in the form of thoughts. Mental Mody Work can help to overcome stress, anxiety, depression and emotional traumas. This process involves various forms of relaxation & meditation techniques that reach from the surface of the mind to the depths, removing impurities and old patterns, freeing you from everything that holds you back from being happy.

About Ayurveda programme and understanding of Koshas


1.875,00 HRK (complimentary consultation + 75 minutes session)

Dr. Adarsh Shetty