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Bellevue White Night

Hotel Bellevue
20:00 - 00:00

White Night is celebrated in many cities during the summer as part of an all-night arts festival. The first White Night Festival was held in St. Petersburg in Russia. White Nights is also the name for the period in July around the summer solstice in places at high latitudes, when sunsets are late, sunrises early, and darkness is never complete. Inspired by the first festival, others started to emerge all over the world with the title of 'White Nights' or 'Nuit Blanche'. Following this example, a White Night Festival is taking place in luxurious Čikat Bay.

  • Music: Traumatic arts & Supercover band
  • Cocktails: White Lady, White Russian, Vodka Sour, Ramos Fizz, Tom Collins, Gin Tonic, Sambuca Spritz - 60,00 HRK

Information & reservations:
Tel: +385 (0)51 679 010