Body Treatments

The best for your body and soul, from cleansing baths to detoxifying body scrubs and wraps.



Invigorate and revitalise your body with this sublime exfoliation ritual. Warm aroma oils of your choice are sumptuously dripped over the body or mixed with sea salt before a gleaming polish is applied. Skin is deeply cleansed and moisturized, glowing and vibrant, replenished and flawless.

Duration: 30 min
Price: 40,00 EUR

Sun Bay Refresh Combo

The oil in this massage is derived from one of nature’s richest cold pressed olive oils. Natural sea salt is added to thoroughly exfoliate the body of all dead skin cells, which is followed by a nourishing clay pack, revealing softer and smoother skin.

Duration: 50 min
Price: 60,00 EUR

Vitality of the Body

This regenerating, restructuring and rebalancing full body treatment starts with a mineral salt scrub and finishes with a full body massage.

Duration: 60 min
Price: 67,00 EUR

Accommodation not included in price.

Body Treatments