Excursion to national park

One of them is aristocratically landscaped, the other pristinely pure, but both are destined to take your breath away with their beauty. Which national park will you choose to visit, Brijuni or Plitvice Lakes?

If you enjoy exquisite landscapes, Croatia is the perfect country for your holiday. And did you know that you can enjoy the many different landscapes of eight national parks while you’re here? We have selected two jewels of nature for you which you can visit by private plane and car in the company of our expert guides for an unforgettable excursion. All transfers, including entrance tickets to the national parks, are included in the price.


At the very top of the Istrian peninsula, not far from Pula, sits the small but stunningly beautiful Brijuni archipelago. Veliki Brijun is the largest among the 14 low-lying and small indented islands, and it was on its tame shores that wealthy Roman patriarchs built their first lavish summer residences some 2,000 years ago. At the end of the 19th-century, the entire island was remodelled with a cultivated combination of secessionist architecture and meticulously landscaped parks with exotic animals, intended for the European aristocracy to spend their holidays. This tradition of exclusivity was continued by the president of the former Yugoslavia, Josip Broz Tito, who happily spent his summers there and played host to many of the prominent public figures of this period. When you see an antelope resting underneath a 1,700-year-old olive tree, you'll know it wasn't just a dream, but that you are in paradise.


Nestled in the heart of the mysterious Lika mountains in central Croatia, and surrounded by thick forests brimming with wild animals, awaits the ethereal beauty of the Plitvice Lakes. Here, crystalline water runs through a chain of 16 terraced lakes, flowing over distinctive travertine deposits while creating waterfalls up to 100 metres wide; one of them is the particularly impressive 76-metre-high Veliki Slap (Big Waterfall). While walking along the wooden footpaths beside the green-and-blue-tinged lakes, the fresh air and the sharp sounds of the waterfalls will make it clear why UNESCO protects Croatia's oldest national park as a “World Heritage” site. Plitvice Lakes are spectacular during all of the seasons.

Excursion to national park