A curated dining experience

A Must-Be Experience at Bellevue's Secret Spa Area

Hotel Bellevue & Spa Clinic, set within the tranquil beauty of Čikat Bay, offers an inviting blend of design-focused luxury and wellness. This private enclave now welcomes you to a curated dining experience in our secret spa area.

Choose from three exquisitely crafted dining options, served by a private waiter:

  • Option 1: Delight in a handpicked mezze selection, ribeye steak, Kvarner scampi, and more for just 280 EUR per person + service charge.
  • Option 2: Elevate your evening with an extreme prawn cocktail, buttered fillet of beef, a bottle of big bold Dalmatian red wine, and more at 390 EUR per person + service charge.
  • Option 3: Indulge in the epitome of gourmet dining with caviar, tomahawk steak, lobster in garlic butter, truffle potatoes, and a bottle of one of the great Italian wines, all for 600 EUR per person + service charge.

Complement this elegant affair with private amenities such as a sauna, jacuzzi, plunge pool, sunbeds, and lounge. Available exclusively from 5 pm onwards, enjoy this tranquil ambience tailored for your well-being, filled with carefully curated design details and aesthetic enhancements.

Embrace the sense of vitality and light that defines our hotel's design, all within an environment that's inviting, open, effortless, and vibrant. Bellevue's secret spa area provides a secluded retreat for like-minded individuals who appreciate design, style, wellness, and a stylish and energizing experience.

Your elegant and private evening awaits you at Bellevue.

A curated dining experience