Sport for kids

activities for children and teens

One of the best things about your youth is that you are always on the move, and the perfect way to explore the world around you is through travelling and sports.

Islanders worldwide are known for their vitality and longevity, but what is their secret? While there are plenty of right answers, their life-long habit of staying active and encompassed by the fresh sea air is what we consider to be the winner.

Whether your children already have some experience in sports or they are absolute beginners, staying active is a way of life on Lošinj. Our trusted experts in kinesiology will work out a schedule for your young ones and teenagers (aged 5-17) to help them acquire the joy of movement through our various sports programmes.


For those of us on the island of Lošinj, the sea is our natural element. So, what better activity than swimming? Swimming is not only something that develops your entire body, but it is also one of the fundamental skills of life. If your children are afraid of the sea, need to work on their swimming techniques, or have dreams of diving, sign them up for our beginner and advanced swimming programmes which are held either in the sea or at our seawater pools.


Tennis was brought to the island of Lošinj in the 19th-century by European aristocrats, resulting in the sport becoming a crucial part of the island’s tourist offer from early on. With great patience and expertise, our trainers will introduce your child to the secrets of the sport or improve your child’s playing techniques on tennis courts surrounded by hundred-year-old pine trees.

Sport for kids