The island’s beautiful nature provides a great place for engaging in a wide range of sporting activities and for spending an exciting activity holiday.

The Lošinj Tennis Resorts initiative features an extensive range of quality training programmes for all ages and skill levels. We have developed special training for children, young and promising tennis players and professionals with experience in competing.

Recreational players and those who are no longer competing, but wish to stay at the top of the game, won’t be disappointed with our offer either. We believe that playing tennis is like riding a bicycle – one never really forgets how to do it. That is why we have come up with a variety of coaching and conditioning techniques that will help you adopt new skills and improve your game.

Families that enjoy and practice sports are our particularly dear guests. In addition to specific training programmes, we have prepared an array of other activities that will especially appeal to children.

Find out more about tennis training programmes, visit Lošinj Tennis Resorts website