Hiking, trekking and biking

Hiking is one of the finest ways to strip back to the basics and slow down the pace of life. Through hiking, the intricate details of your journey are highlighted while the breathtaking views act as the backdrop to your travel story. Walking through nature purifies the spirit, strengthens the body, and nourishes the soul, and you're lucky that there are many hiking trails in and around Lošinj. Three of them are particularly impressive.

The Dolphins’ Path or St. Ivan's Hiking Trail

This hike takes you from Borik cove (Sunčana uvala – “Sunny“ cove) and along the coast to Krivica cove, a vibrant green “mini-fjord“. The route then continues up the hill to St. Ivan’s peak (231 m) and the Church of St. Ivan from the 18th-century. Here you will find a stunning panoramic view of Veli Lošinj.

The Promenade of Vitality

This hike leads you from Kadin cove (at the entrance to Mali Lošinj) and along the coast to the picturesque St. Martin, the old port of Lošinj. The route then takes you around Brdo ruža (“the Hill of Roses“) through Valdirke cove and the obscure, blue-green Vale Škura cove. From there, you'll go onto the Punta Hotel and the picturesque port of Veli Lošinj.

The Sunset Promenade

This hike begins from Čikat cove and leads along the coast through the Srebrna and Zlatna coves (“Silver and Golden“ coves). From here, you'll head to the cape of Boka Falsa, then up the hill and along a forest trail to Vela Straža, the highest peak of the island (64 m), for a beautiful panoramic view. From here, the trail descends to Blatina cove and continues along the coast to the Church of the Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the very spot where Lošinj sailors would make their vows and say their prayers.

For those of you who enjoy climbing and expansive views, a visit to Osoršćica is inevitable. A botanical paradise so gentle not even the snakes are poisonous, the heir to the Austro-Hungarian throne, Rudolf Habsburg, even enjoyed the beauty of Osoršćica in 1887.

A significant part of these kilometre-long trails and promenades can be travelled through by bike. Guests can either bring their own bicycle or rent one near the hotel. Those who want to enjoy pedalling without much effort should take the seaside promenades, and the more ambitious cyclists can test their strength by travelling the mountain paths.