Water sports


Our Adriatic Sea is not only known for its saltiness, but for the magical and mysterious world that lives within it. You can discover the secrets of its depths with a simple trial dive (“discovery“ for two) or you can attend diving lessons for beginners (“scuba diver“ with an international certificate) and visit the underwater archaeological park in Čikat cove. If you're looking to join an organized dive, there are many attractive underwater locations you can visit. For example, you can dive to the Margarina cove near Susak (17 m deep canyon with a shipwreck), visit Unije (a shipwreck and amphora site) or Premude (a system of caves known as “the cathedral“).


You'll rarely find big waves in the Adriatic, making it a paddleboarders's paradise. Paddleboarding is practised in the form of windsurfing or stand-up paddleboarding (SUP). While windsurfing requires some skill and knowledge, both of which can be acquired at a windsurfing school, anybody can learn how to paddleboard - even those of you with no previous experience! Equipment rental, lessons, and even paddleboard yoga classes (for beginners and advanced learners), are offered at the Čikat cove.


Enjoy the most practical and the most relaxing way to explore the island – kayaking! Discover secluded beaches and coves, paddle away into a new adventure with your family and friends. Explore the coast by kayak and enjoy a truly unique experience.


While swimming is one of the essential skills of life, it is also considered one of the healthiest and an activity you can enjoy throughout your lifetime. Learning how to swim is something both children and adults can find with the swimming lessons offered as a part of the Bellevue hotel's sports programme.


Lošinj's waters are relatively shallow (up to 70 m), very heterogeneous and well indented, which is primarily appealing to several species of fish. While it is not easy to catch a fish with a rod, once you do, the feeling is one you'll remember forever. If you're interested in taking fishing for a spin, all you'll need is a fishing licence, a boat with a skipper, equipment and bait - the skill will come with time.