From 28/04/2022 to 30/05/2022

14th Lošinj Cuisine Festival

Enjoy the culinary delights of Apoxyomenos ancient cuisine from April, 28th to May, 30th, during the 14th Lošinj Cuisine Festival.

The Mediterranean diet from the time of Apoxyomenos was based on the famous Antiquity quote: „Métron áriston!“ (grč. μέτρον άριστον) or, in translation: „All in moderation!“. Whether you are a fan of meat or fish dishes, antique cuisine will satisfy any taste.

Restaurants that participate offer both fish and meat menus for a special price of 20 EUR. Just sit back and enjoy the lovely atmosphere of our restaurants Diana, Lanterna, Borik, Veli žal and Silver Bay with a glass of wine and a sweet dessert at the end.

Bon Appétit!

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