From 04/11/2023 to 05/11/2023

Cres & Lošinj Trail Weekend

Cres & Lošinj Islands

Two races in two days on two Kvarner islands!

Cres & Lošinj Trail Weekend is a trail race consisting of two separate stages with different length categories. The idea behind this race is to connect both islands, Cres and Lošinj, and show their beauty, hidden places, and prominent peaks in the trail race style. The first stage of this year’s race takes place on the island of Lošinj on Saturday, Nov 4, and the second stage on the island of Cres on Sunday, Nov 5.

LOŠINJ 4/11/2023

PURPLE: 21,5 km
BLUE: 14,7 km
GREEN: 7,9 km

CRES 5/11/2023

PURPLE: 22,5 km
BULE: 15,3 km
GREEN 8,3 km

First organized in 2016, the race today has over 500 registered participants from 9 countries who will compete in three length categories: Purple (long-distance), Blue (middle-distance), and Green (short-distance). The winner is announced after each race in both men and women category. The overall winner is the one with the fastest time in both Purple category races combined. The first three ranked runners in the men's and women's category will win a weekend stay at Vitality Hotel Punta, sponsored by Jadranka turizam d.o.o.

The host hotel Punta, situated only a few minutes’ walk from the Lošinj Trail start line at Veli Lošinj, offers a plethora of wellness and fitness services to the participants and their families. Prepare yourself for the race in our state-of-the-art gym, or warm up with a brisk walk or stretching by the sea. After the race, give your body the chance to recover and revitalise with a relaxing spa treatment. A certified allergy-friendly resort offering also professional tennis facilities, pilates, yoga, and water sports, Vitality Punta caters to all levels of physicality, completing the circle of the Hippocratic pillars of movement, nutrition, relaxation, and nature.


For more information about the race and registration visit:

 Cres Lošinj Trail Race official website



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Boutique Hotel Alhambra & Villa AugustaČikat 1651550 Mali LošinjCroatia+385 (0)51 260 700+385 (0)51 260
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