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We offer a private sea transfer by boat Aprea Mare 38 (for up to 12 persons) from Pula and Zadar to Lošinj and vice versa.

boat APREA MARE 38

Length: 11.56 m
Maximum number of passengers: 12
Season: 1 Apr – 31 Dec

Transfer for 1 - 7 passengers
Pula Airport - Lošinj: 14.625 HRK (1.950 €)
Zadar Airport - Lošinj: 9.000 HRK (1.200 €)

Transfer for 8 - 12 passengers
Pula Airport - Lošinj: 15.375 HRK (2.050 €)
Zadar Airport - Lošinj: 10.500 HRK (1.400 €)

  • With optimal sea conditions, the trip from Pula (Medulin harbour) to Lošinj takes 1.5 hours.
  • With optimal sea conditions, the trip from Novalja harbour to Lošinj takes 1 hour, while the road transfer from Novalja harbour to Zadar airport takes 1 hour.
  • WAITING: Taxi boats wait for guests at no extra charge for a maximum of 60 minutes from the announced guest arrival time. Taxi boats wait for guests longer than 60 minutes only if possible. 
  • PRIVATE TRANSFER: Prices are for the rental of a speedboat and are for one way. The price includes road transfer from Pula Airport or Zadar Airport to the harbour of departure, as well as road transfer from the harbour of arrival (Lošinj) to the hotel. The price for night transfers is 20% higher. Passengers are allowed one standard size suitcase each.

For more information about transfer options please contact our Booking centre by e-mail or by telephone +385 (0)51 661 111 and fax +385 (0)51 231 904.


Safety comes first! In case of bad weather (and other issues that we cannot influence) we reserve the right to cancel the transfer by boat, and we are not responsible for any damage (tangible or intangible) caused by the cancellation of the transfer. The ship's captain has the final word and he decides on the sailing or not. In case of cancellation of transfer, we will offer passengers alternative transfer options.

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