Vantage Points

In the past, views were of utmost importance and were used to observe and protect oneself from the enemy. Today, we enjoy views for the beauty of their landscape and the width of their horizon.


It is nearly impossible to describe what is felt when looking down from the peak of St. Mikula on Osoršćica after the crisp bura wind has cleared the skies. This point not only offers a spectacular view of Lošinj and Cres with the surrounding islets, but also a large part of Kvarner and the North Dalmatian islands with its surrounding hills and mountains acting as a backdrop.


Lubenice offers a spectacular view utterly different from the other islands. Lubenice is an ancient town in the central part of Cres, built on the ridge of a 380 meters-high cliff that steeply plunges into the sea. Here, one honestly feels like an eagle in flight.


For those in favour of a more “tame wilderness,“ which is also easily accessible by car, they should visit the well-preserved Providenca viewpoint at Umpiljak hill which offers a splendid panoramic view of Mali Lošinj. The peak of St. Ivan to enjoy a stunning panorama of Veli Lošinj will also do just fine.