Body treatments

The best for your body and soul, from cleansing baths to detoxifying body scrubs and wraps


ALGAE SCRUB body exfoliation

This scrub contains finely ground algae and organic aloe vera. It gently removes dry, dead skin, increases circulation and strengthens connective tissue.

Duration: 45 min
Price: 63,00 EUR


This Mediterranean-inspired body scrub will revive your skin and leave it fresh and radiant.
A fantastic blend of finely minced olive seeds and pulp work in perfect symbiosis to moisturise and regenerate your skin.

Duration: 45 min
Price: 63,00 EUR

BISSES PURITY by Valmont - body exfoliation

An anti-ageing preparatory program, Fresh & Peel offers the body long-lasting soft and beautiful skin. Showering becomes a daily delight thanks to the Fresh Dew Cleanser, a pearl cleansing cream enriched with rose oil. Because regularly exfoliated skin better absorbs the active ingredients in products applied afterwards, the Cellular Refining Scrub offers a rich and creamy formula perfectly adapted to dry skin on the body.

Duration: 75 min
Price: 120,00 EUR


Sublime indulgence

This body treatment begins in your rasul steam bath, followed by superb exfoliation with black olive soap and a mud mask for the entire body. Your skin will be purified and rebalanced before a full body massage and will finally reveal deeply hydrated, soft and revitalised skin.

Duration: 120 min
Price: 200,00 EUR

Valmont Soft & Smooth – Vitality of the Body

The body’s skin needs hydration and nutrition in every season. A highly energizing and anti-aging treatment including an original massage technique that is at once relaxing and invigorating. Vitality of the Body stimulates and energizes tired skin and sore muscles.

Duration: 80 min
Price: 167,00 EUR

TIME TO RELAX & DE-STRESS by Pharmos Natur

Cocooned in the warm, soft pack bed, relaxation and well-being will spread throughout the entire body. The wrap achieves its optimal effect on the whole body through the perfect integration of all the ingredients. This wrap is ideal to combine with any scrub.

Duration: 30 min
Price: 67,00 EUR

Accommodation not included in price.

Body treatments