Beach Bar Pasara

March - November

Tucked away in Čikat bay, Pasara offers its guests an ideal opportunity to relax in luxury, surrounded by the melodies and aromas of the sparkling sea.

The tranquil atmosphere of the bistro allows guests to enjoy a quick bite and freshly squeezed juices during the day. As the setting sun paints the sky, guests are enticed by a romantic dinner where they can treat themselves to the lavish culinary masterpieces offered by Hotel Alhambra’s restaurant, Alfred Keller.

Pasara's polished menu is prepared or finished beachside and includes dishes such as scampi tartare, marinated and salted oily fish, grouper and John Dory fillets, organically grown vegetables roasted using the exclusive Green Egg barbecue, and juicy, double-cut veal chops. An exceptional wine list including sparkling wines and champagne perfectly compliments the rich dishes offered by Pasara.

Why not treat all of your senses to taste of luxury? Visit Pasara today.