The ultimate skincare experience. A personalised course of reparative facials will allow your skin to reap the benefits of a combination of relaxing facial massages and cutting-edge skincare brands.

L'Elixir des Glaciers - Majestic remodelling treatment

This comprehensive treatment designed for the face and the décolleté offers a moment of perfect delight, including beautifying care for the hands. Stress vanishes thanks to an energising massage, leaving the face smooth and radiant. A lifting, nourishing massage, inspired by surgical lifting techniques, targets the muscles of the face for a toning action that smooths the facial lines. The treatment includes a youth massage inspired by the Japanese Kobido massage technique and offers sculpting and modelling effects for in-depth rejuvenating action.

Duration: 90 min
Price: 359,00 EUR

Valmont Hydrating Facial / Source de Bisses

A moisturising bath, Source des Bisses quenches even the thirstiest skins. Full of water, the skin’s surface comes back to life and the dermis becomes plump, smoothing wrinkles and dehydration lines. An essential treatment, this facial leaves the skin as fresh as the morning dew. The skin is perfectly hydrated, plumped and smoothed. Features are smoothed out and signs of fatigue erased.

Duration & price:
75 min - 200,00 EUR

Valmont Energy Facial – Vitality of the Glaciers

Dull and lacklustre complexions will benefit from this cellular renewal facial treatment. Delivering essential nutrients to the epidermis, this wonderfully energising treatment helps improve circulation through Valmont’s signature massage. The iconic plumping collagen mask allows wrinkles and fine lines to fade away, leaving the complexion radiant and full of vitality.

Duration & price:
60 min - 200,00 EUR
90 min - 225,00 EUR


This unique treatment has excellent lifting action and a pronounced rejuvenating effect on the skin. The treatment, whose efficacy equals that of hyaluronic acid mesotherapy, does not require injections. This non-invasive approach is made possible by the low molecular weight components developed by Forlle’d. The efficacy of these elements often exceeds that of injectable products. The treatment replenishes deficiencies in any essential substances in the skin and boosts their long-lasting endogenous synthesis.

Duration: 90 min
Price: 150,00 EUR

SUMMER SUN - AFTER SUN By Pharmos Nature

This gentle treatment with selected healing and rejuvenating plants cools, regenerates and activates the self-healing process of the sun-damaged skin. Plenty of moisture and selected plant lipids are needed to restore the barrier function of the sun-damaged skin. This treatment will calm the skin, reduce fine lines and improve cell regeneration. The moisture depots are refilled, and essential nutrients and new energy are delivered into the skin.

Duration & price:
45 min - 93,00 EUR

Accommodation not included in price.