Hotels Bellevue and Punta winners of multiple World Spa Awards 2021

Bellevue Spa clinic voted the World's Best Hotel Spa, Vitality Hotel Punta won Croatia's Best Wellness Retreat 2021

We are thrilled and honoured to be recognized as ‘the Bests’ with our multiple wins of the following prestigious awards announced by the World Spa Awards 2021:

World's Best Hotel Spa 2021: SPA Clinic at Hotel Bellevue
Europe's Best Hotel Spa 2021: SPA Clinic at Hotel Bellevue
Croatia's Best Hotel Spa 2021: SPA Clinic at Hotel Bellevue

Croatia's Best Wellness Retreat 2021: Vitality Hotel Punta

On this exciting note, we would like to express our appreciation to all our guests for their support and recognition which, as reflected in the volume of votes, has been truly spectacular.

World Spa Awards is an established global organization that serves to celebrate and reward excellence in the spa and wellness industry. The annual awards programme is an affiliate of the World Travel Awards™ which has been rewarding excellence in tourism for the past 27 years, with the aim to inspire exceptional standards and connect spa consumers with the best in spa and wellness tourism.

Named Croatia’s Best Hotel Spa in 2020, the Bellevue Spa Clinic is a triple winner, making its milestone on a grander global scale as the World’s Best Spa 2021, as well as Europe’s and Croatia’s Best.

Vitality Hotel Punta, part of Lošinj Hotels & Villas’ Classic Hotels Collection, which was nominated in a different category for the first time, has also been awarded Croatia's Best Wellness Retreat 2021.

Bellevue Spa Clinic

Just steps from the healing turquoise waters of Čikat bay, the uber-chic Bellevue Spa Clinic offers a complete ecosystem of wellness. The cornerstone of our concept taps into the cleansing and detoxifying properties of Lošinj’s sea, rich with minerals and plant life. Guests can immerse in an array of one-of-a-kind experiences curated around these powerful sea elements supported by a cast of some of the world’s best brands, from signature Bellevue Detox Massage using magnesium and cupping, Sea-Tox Ritual for full body detoxing, to Free Dive Meditation where guests learn meditative breath control and put their skills to use with our free dive guide. The Bellevue medical wellness centre brings results-oriented spa programmes to another level offering cutting edge services such as Ultherapy, PRP, advanced pain management and cryo extreme cold therapy.

Vitality Hotel Punta

Healthy by nature, Vitality Hotel Punta is a playground of revitalisation, embodying what the Island of Lošinj is all about. Wellness innovation and medical expertise meet leading sports and leisure facilities in an unparalleled environment of healing climatic elements and unspoilt nature. ‘The Body Active’ is our blueprint for revitalisation with a focus on breath and respiratory recovery. Saturated with saline aerosols containing minerals, plant essential oils and sea plankton, the air here is special. Guests will experience the healing power of the environment through our award-winning programmes like ‘Space to Breathe’ with an immersive retreat that encompasses fresh-air activities, relaxing spa treatments and heart pumping fitness. A certified allergy-friendly resort offering also professional tennis facilities, pilates, yoga, water sports, and an impressive state-of-the-art gym with sweeping sea views, Hotel Punta caters to all levels of physicality, completing the circle of the Hippocratic pillars of movement, nutrition, relaxation and nature.