Solo exhibition by Josip Konta

We are pleased to present an exhibition of contemporary art in the art gallery of the Boutique Hotel Alhambra, a sales exhibition of sculptor and painter Josip Konta (b. 1946). The exhibition presents bronze sculptures created in the period from 1976 to 2012 and oils on canvas created in the mid-90s.

The subject of Josip Konta's artworks is most often a critique of alienation and various states of the human spirit and its position in society. The artist gives complete freedom to the observer in the interpretation of his art. His art is subordinated to the artist, but also to the audience.

Fifty years of art creation, accompanied by a series of solo and group exhibitions, has resulted in works of artworks in private collections both in Croatia and abroad.

If you choose so, you can purchase the artwork by Josip Konta at the reception of our Boutique Hotel Alhambra with the extra benefit you receive as a guest of the hotel.