Re-Spiro pulmonary rehabilitation

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Re-Spiro pulmonary rehabilitation
Lošinj - Health Resort since 1892

Re-Spiro programme makes use of proven scientific clinical methods and diagnostic tests, which are combined with natural therapeutic factors and the sea-salt aerosol of the island of Lošinj, in keeping with the Lošinj’s hundred-year-old medical tradition.

The programme is intended for people who have mild obstructive respiratory conditions, and is developed in collaboration with Croatian Pulmonary Society and Children’s Hospital Srebrnjak. Rehabilitation is conducted individually or in groups. The best season for rehabilitation is from early October to early May. The pulmonary rehabilitation programme shows its wellbeing after three weeks, and the optimal duration of the programme is six weeks.

The Re-Spiro programme is individually tailored to each user, depending on his condition, medical history and goals.

Through the programme, clients are educated to use on their own skills and actions which will help them:

  • breathe more easily and achieve a prolonged period without symptoms,
  • reduce the frequency of exacerbations,
  • reduce medicine consumption throughout the year,
  • build endurance,
  • improve self-confidence and make interaction with others easier,
  • reduce the number of hospitalizations and their length,
  • instill in the client a positive attitude to rehabilitation,
  • necessary for quality control of the client’s chronic disease, and, lastly,
  • improve the pulmonary rehabilitation patient’s quality of life.

Our multidisciplinary team consists of medical specialist (internist and paediatrician for children), nurses, nutritionists, psychologists and trained rehabilitation specialists who will support and motivate you during the programme in the great ambient of the Vitality Hotel Punta.

Besides the expert medical team, natural healing factors of the island of Lošinj, for which the island of Lošinj has been proclaimed a health resort in 1892, will help improve your health. These factors are:

  • temperate climate
  • an average of 2631 hours of sunshine per year,
  • a very clean sea (with quality monitoring conducted regularly)
  • aerosol with sea-salt particles
  • algae of the Lošinj waters (265 species) and flora
  • clean air
  • pollen of olive trees, pine trees, juniper and various aromatic herbs in the summer months, and marine peloid.

Three-week programme price:
from 3.275,00 HRK per person (min. stay 21 nights)

Programme price includes:

  • 2 x Medical examination - blood pressure assessment, body weight, spirometry, oximetry, electrocardiography, interview, clinical assessment, results benchmark at the beginning and at the end of the stay
  • 34 x Group exercises – relaxation exercise, strength exercise, breathing exercise
  • 2 x Nutrition counselling

Shorter stay also possible with one-week (per 1.750,00 HRK) or two-week (per 2.900,00 HRK) programmes.

Booking and Information

For more information about Re-Spiro programme and bookings contact us by email or telephone +385 (0)51 661 111

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- cardiovascular disorders such as hypertension and heart disease (myocardiopathy, ischaemic heart disease, heart failure, valvular heart disease, congenital heart anomalies)
- respiratory tract infections and other infectious diseases (chronic or acute)
- acutisation or exacerbation of lung disease that requires hospitalization
- neuromuscular disease that disables implementation of the rehabilitation programme
- COPD therapeutic group C and D
When the programme reservation request such, it is necessary to send medical documentation, so the medical specialist will be able to confirm the appropriateness of the Re-Spiro programme according to client's diagnosis and health condition, and after this, the reservation can be confirmed.
The most suitable period for pulmonary rehabilitation is during spring or autumn, while during summer months rehabilitation is not performed.
Participants are recommended to continue with the exercises after returning home.
The programme is developed in collaboration with Croatian Pulmonary Society and Children’s Hospital Srebrnjak.
Accommodation not included in price. Room reservation must be made in advance.
For services which have not been used, no refunds are possible.
General Terms are applicable to all reservations, unless indicated otherwise.

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