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Health Vacation

With all the benefits of modern life and rapid technological progress, it becomes clearer every day that health is still the most important thing in life. For this reason, Lošinj offers its guests the opportunity to enjoy a great holiday in magnificent natural surroundings combined with modern medical treatments and preventive and specialist medical examinations. Apart from its beneficial effect on the respiratory system, Lošinj's climate has a series of other benefits that our specially designed health programmes combine with the latest medical advances and accomplishments in order to help you improve your health. We invite you to visit Lošinj for a holiday and your health – we feel confident that you will find even more than that here…

In addition to enjoying a wide range of wellness treatments and vitality programmes, in our hotels you can take part in specially designed health programmes and perform regular check-ups or specialist medical examinations and laboratory tests. We have fully equipped medical clinics and teams of medical specialists such as an internist, paediatrician, nutritionist and dermatologist.

Health programmes

Health programmes

Thanks to the beneficial effect on respiratory organs and general state of health, the island of Lošinj has long been known as an ideal destination for people who have some kind of respiratory problems or simply want to improve their health. Diseases such as bronchitis or asthma, chronic breathing issues, allergies…

If you or your child have these or similar health issues, you can rest assured that here you will find professional medical support and a series of programmes specially designed to help you improve your health and overall physical condition, such as weight loss programmes, pulmonary rehabilitation, Little School of Healthy Breathing for children, as well as various detox and anti-stress programmes.

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