The Island of Lošinj

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The Island of Lošinj
Mali Lošinj

The island of Lošinj forms part of the Cres-Lošinj archipelago located in the Northern Adriatic Sea. It is undoubtedly one of Croatia’s best-kept secrets, benefiting from a particularly pleasant microclimate that makes it the perfect escape all year round.

Nestling in the crystal clear waters of Kvarner Bay, Lošinj is known for its lush vegetation, charming bays and tall pine forests. It’s a particularly fragrant island too, with the scent of wild-growing medicinal herbs filling the air. Visitors have been coming to this island known as ‘the island of vitality’ for centuries, to revitalise mind, body and spirit.

Mali Lošinj, the island’s largest town with 7,000 inhabitants and is the hub of the island. It can be easily reached from the mainland by car or bus (ferries from Rijeka via Brestova or the island of Krk), by boat, ship or catamaran (from Rijeka, Pula, Venice and Zadar).

The nearest international airports are Rijeka (on the island of Krk) and Pula (on the southern tip of Istria). Lošinj has a small airport, allowing visitors to reach the island by private taxi flights from a number of airports, including Pula, Rijeka, Zadar and Zagreb.

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