Lošinj carnival

When you look at the neat promenade, charming Lošinj streets, well groomed Lošinj people, courageous and entrepreneurial business history of Lošinj it is hard to notice our crazy, funny and playful side. All of the Lošinj diligence, neatness, seriousness has it’s counterbalance in the famous Lošinj Carnival, which is picturesque, fun, amazing party that you should really, really experience and take part in it!


Carnival is a time of craziness and joy!

Once a year we forget what is like to be polite, what we should and what we shouldn’t say. With masks, crazy partying, funny vehicles and carnival parades we discover our frustrations, anger, things that bother us, immoral behaviours that were hurting us, all the things we had to deal with throughout the year. Humour and getting rid of every tension we have in our souls becomes main to-do thing for every corner of Lošinj and for each and every citizen of our island.

It is known that carnival has it’s origin in traditions connected with Lent. During Lent people restrain from eating meat, so people used to throw parties to eat all of the meat from home. As most of contemporary traditions, carnival also has several origins and few historic layers. Banishing winter and evil spirits, Roman Saturnalia, Medieval pageants and festivals that were opposed to strict moral of that time… are just some of meanings and origins of carnival.


Maremonada – Lošinj sea carnival

Something that survives during such a long time, social changes and belief systems obviously has something archetypal and good for the people and the society. Each generations takes what it finds good in tradition, while constantly shaping and modelling it in order to revitalize and give contemporary meaning. We are grateful for our Carnival, its traditional, but also its modern meaning and traditions.

Lošinj Carnival starts long before you can see masks and parades. First we need to articulate what is the mail topic of the Carnival – what bothered us the most, what we want to mock or just make fun of. Than we need to sew costumes, make funny parade vehicles, write testament (judgement which summarizes all the wrongdoings of “King Carnival”, puppet that will be burned at last night of carnival and which symbolically takes over sins of all the town). Than we need to choose songs, create choreography for the masks… all that are the joys that precede the Carnival party and they are for sure one of the main Lošinj “gusto’s”.

Peak of the Carnival is reading funny “testament” which is here written in witty rhymes and which will with no restrains spell out each social scandal, change that is hard to except or struggle we were dealing with. We laugh from the heart, than except our human fragility and imperfection of fellow human beings. After we had crazy party all night long, we burn King Carnival (puppet) and everything is forgotten, forgiven, all the tensions melt with good drinks, food and fun.

Carnival is fiesta in which everybody takes part – kindergarten kids, school kids, old people and young ones. Over the course of few weeks people enjoy preparing and celebrating craziest Lošinj party. Sometimes during carnival parade can be pretty cold because bora might be blowing. But, masks are willing to sacrifice and deal with cold and wind even if they are not dressed too warm. If they decided to show history of mankind and if they want someone to be Neanderthal man, dressed only in pants made of fur – they will do it. This is actually true story! Lošinj Carnival is sometimes pretty crazy! Courageous man was jumping around in cold bora almost naked for the higher purpose of Carnival fun. It is cold – so what. It is Carnival! No party like carnival party!


Not even snow or bora can stop masked party

To make long story short, our Carnival is worth seeing and experiencing. It heals body and soul. Joyful and colorful Carnival is great fun for grown-ups and kids. Enjoy Valentine’s day and Carnival on Lošinj and delight your partner! Your kids will have fun too – but also being on Lošinj during winter will help him to recover if he has some pulmonary issues. Or just come, join us, take a walk along the sea, laugh, dance and feel crazy atmosphere of Lošinj Carnival.

And please – by no means do not miss another silly tradition of Lošinj Carnival – “balinjerada”. It is a hilarious downhill driving with the most bizarre vehicles made especially for driving masks in a parade. You can see funny masked boats… and who knows what silly things will come up next from the creative minds of Lošinj Carnival masters. Laughter, amazement, outrageous ideas – get rest with creativity, ingenuity and folk fiesta!

Find more info about Carnival on official page and book your stay during this fun event!


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