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At the end of April on island Lošinj rosemary begins to bloom. What a joy it is to walk beside it’s shrub, touch it’s tough leaves, pick few fragrant, pale violet flowers and green leaves, than stop for a moment and deeply breath in it’s intoxicating smell! In this period rosemary has soft and subtle leaves – they are young and not as tough and stiff as in summer. Smooth, fragrant, covered in small flowers, young rosemary is beautiful sight and source of invigorating smell. It is pure joy to spread it’s finely chopped leaves over soft and juicy meat; or oil grilled fish with it’s branches, dipped into olive oil! What a smell! Lošinj gardens always have a place reserved for rosemary. Mild Mediterranean climate makes it possible for rosemary to grow as a low hedge or flower-bed borders. There is always enough rosemary in island gardens – for cooking, oiling the grilled fish or for a traditional wedding decoration, small branch of rosemary, pinned on the clothes of wedding guests.

We asked one of our chefs, young Domagoj Živoković (22) to share one of his favorite tasteful recipe with rosemary and give us some advice about how to use of rosemary in cooking. Domagoj grew up on island Lošinj, where he gained his knowledge working with experienced Lošinj chefs, breathing in aromas, recipes and secrets of Lošinj gastronomy.

While your are looking forward to your vacation on island of Lošinj, where you will taste delicious meals in our hotels, or in one of our eight fancy restaurants by the sea, try this Domagoj’s recipe! Veal Medallions in Rosemary Souce with Lošinj Lemon and Fried Soft Cheese Dumplings – how appetizing it sounds! This meal is perfect combination of comforting ingredients, crispy dumplings, soft meat, creamy sauce and fresh and invigorating tastes of rosemary and Lošinj lemon. Our chefs create meals that are more than just a food – they are story about harmony of island life, symphony of smell, taste and precious gifts of nature.

Rosemary can be used fresh or dried. Fresh rosemary is easy to use – chop it finely and add it to your meal near the end of cooking. Enrich fish, meat or fresh vegetable with it’s uplifting taste! If you use dried rosemary, you should let it slowly relieve it’s aroma, so it is best to add it at the beginning of cooking. That way rosemary easily release it’s taste. If you like simple, domestic cookies with candied fruit and walnuts, try them with rosemary- just add half of coffee spoon of rosemary in batter and mix it in with other ingredients. It’s taste will blend with walnuts and fruits, and result will be totally different cookie, with fun feature of fast disappearing from your serving tray… and even baking tray.

During month of May Lošinj invites it’s guest to take part in Lošinj Cuisine Festival. Best Lošinj restaurants will serve some of their best and most popular meals. In two of our eight restaurants, Punta and Veli Žal, we will treat you with elaborate menus with glass of wine for only 100 HRK per person. So come and taste Pasta with Prosciutto and Asparagus, Lamb Chop in Sage Sauce, Hot Cheesecake or Gilt-head Bream with Lemon, Tuna Steak with Swiss Chard Risotto and Chocolate Mousse with Orange Sauce, or Sheep Soup with Homemade Pasta and Vegetables, Lamb with Lošinj Herb Sauce and Grilled Potatoes and Dry Fig, Apple and Pine Nut Strudel. Eat and smell, enjoy in harmony of green spices and vegetables, white fish, creative sauces… watch endless sea in front of you. You will be witnessing some of most beautiful sunsets of Adriatic sea. All of our eight restaurants are situated in nature, far away from cars and streets, in idyllic bays soaked in silence.

Come, taste and share with us delight in good, simple and beautiful life. We hope that in healthy balance of recreation and relaxation, tasteful, comforting food, light salads and airy meat of white wish you will feel and take with you secret of Mediterranean health, joy and longevity.

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