Really good food, local and organic

Lošinj Hotels & Villas restaurants give you the opportunity to taste organic, natural and local produce grown on the islands and in other parts of Croatia.

We all know the difference between mass produced vegetables and those of local origin from our own garden or an organic farm.

Lošinj is an island of vitality without compromise. For this reason, we’ve decided to follow tradition, turn our back on industrially produced food, and remain faithful to our mission. Our aim is to create a refuge of natural life that will invigorate and energise you with its clean nature and beauty.

Natural, local, indigenous

In our kitchens, we use organic, local, natural produce grown with the help of the sun and rain, and with the caring touch of a human hand, and no chemical additions whatsoever.

Our suppliers are local farmers, fishermen and apiculturists whose produce reveals to you the purity, beauty, scents, and intoxicating aromas of our island. Family farms from the regions of Međimurje, Slavonia, Lika, Baranja, Istria and Dalmatia continue a centuries-long tradition by growing high-quality food with a strong, healthy and fascinating taste in their fertile soil.

Family farms (abbreviated as OPG in Croatian) are special agricultural entities which, unlike large industrial farms, are centred on the work of a family and often provide accommodation for guests. This type of small farm is important for preserving traditions and securing jobs for local people, and also helps strengthen family relationships, since family members work together to ensure high-quality produce for their customers.

Lamb from the island of Cres, game from Punta Križa, and the best from Croatian villages

A local speciality that we obtain from local producers is the much sought-after, free-range Cres lamb. The sheep and lambs move around freely and graze on aromatic herbs that have the aroma of the sea and salt brought in by the bura wind. The taste of this organically grown lamb is absolutely delicious.The completely natural environment in the southern part of the island of Cres is home to

The completely natural environment in the southern part of the island of Cres is home to game of the highest quality. The abundance of aromatic herbs gives it a special aroma, and the fact that these animals move around freely guarantees a healthy meat texture, which is a source of inspiration for our skilled chefs.Our islands abound in

Our islands abound in sage, whose honey is not only very tasty but also has a beneficial effect on human health. Highly aromatic, it is an excellent basis for cakes and a great addition to teas and creative desserts.Istria is known for its indigenous

Istria is known for its indigenous boškarin, a very old variety of cattle whose meat is one of the best types of beef. Its pronouncedly aromatic, dark and juicy meat is prepared in a variety of ways combined with organic vegetables from local gardens.

Slavonia, the eastern part of Croatia, is known for its agriculture and cured meat products, especially kulen sausage. These products are known not only in Croatia but all over the world. If you haven’t tried them yet, you definitely should!A small firm from Loznati on the island of Cres, besides various baked products, makes

A small firm from Loznati on the island of Cres, besides various baked products, makes fuži pasta, sweets, and hand-made pasta prepared to a traditional recipe of the island that you’ll undoubtedly enjoy and appreciate.

From the clear Adriatic Sea and Mediterranean area

Mediterranean cuisine is rich in wonderful ingredients that are perfectly matched with each other, including the fantastic tastes of scampi, fish and shellfish from the Adriatic, fresh vegetables from Lošinj farms, delicious gnocchi, and crispy baked meat and vegetables.

With the addition of juice from organically grown lemons and the golden drops of cold-pressed oil from Istria, these ingredients are more than just food on your table. They are masterpieces of nature, tradition and modern interpretations by our chefs.

Pršut dry-cured sheep’s ham, skuta curd cheese and basil; brudet fish stew; risotto with aromatic seafood and vegetables; oranges and almonds – everything tastes better when it’s local and organically grown without any compromise.

Croatian wines

Starting from high-quality ingredients, our chefs combine well-known and certain new tastes to create sensational meals that are then matched with carefully selected wines by the best Croatian winemakers.

The warm climate and rich soil provide the basis for renowned Croatian wines. Some of the well-known white varieties include Žlahtina from the island of Krk, Malvazija from Istria, Riesling from Slavonija, and also Graševina. Famous red varieties include aromatic Dingač, tasty Plavac and Plavac Mali, Teran from Istria, and many more.

By selecting small producers, we support sustainable development, social responsibility and natural resources

Healthy food is not just a question of personal health and wellbeing. By choosing locally produced food, we contribute to the preservation of the environment and local community welfare. The planet that we live on suffers from everything that is associated with industrial mass production and global trade: too many plastics and discarded packaging, chemical pollution, transport, cooling, and heating. We all know that we ought to do something about it. We have to make the change ourselves; it’s the only way to go.

By choosing small local producers, we want to make our contribution to the conservation of nature, sustainable development and overall wellbeing. With joint efforts and shared values, we have created a strong basis for vitality, lasting benefits and social responsibility. Join us!

Dine Around – the best of Lošinj cuisine (make sure you try it!)

Our restaurants, located in the best positions in Lošinj, right by the sea or in fantastic, quiet nature, promote local cuisine, which gives you the opportunity to turn your stay on Lošinj into a culinary odyssey. This is particularly true if you opt for the Dine Around package if you book half-board in our hotels. Instead of dining in your hotel, you can book dinner to suit your mood in one of our best restaurants.

Traditional Mediterranean dishes, classic recipes from the interior of Croatia, or modern culinary fusion – the choice is yours. In every restaurant, we serve organic, natural, high-quality and carefully prepared food in an atmosphere that will nurture your soul, mind and heart. Enjoy your meal!

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