Boat Tours


This particular group of islands has always been acknowledged for its experienced sailors, which include many Olympic sailors to date. And fortunately for you, the most authentic island experience is, of course, one had by sailboat. Guided by our certified and disciplined instructors, children can live their pirate fantasies at the Summer Sailing Camp. Adults too can rent the “Catriona” or “Argonaut” sailboats, and with an experienced skipper, they can learn the basics of sailing or expand their knowledge during one-day trips.


The fastest and easiest way to explore the hidden island coves and secluded beaches of the area are by speedboat. When the weather conditions are favourable, you can rent a speedboat (the Jeanneau Camarat model 6.5 CC and 5.5 CC), with or without a skipper, and jet off on an adventure acquired to your taste. From solo trips to romantic outings or family and friend gatherings, feel free to explore unknown territories or follow a pre-arranged itinerary. The choice is yours.


Lošinj and its neighbouring islands can also be explored traditionally through excursion tours. Usually led on large ships with a capacity of 30-100 passengers, the excursion routes are predetermined (e.g. Ilovik, Susak, Plava grota – Cres), and offer picnic on board. These cruises often never end without song, dance, and plenty of new friendships.

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