Sunset cruise

While enjoying the setting sun from the shore may be spectacular, it pales in comparison when you have the option to sail into the blazing and bright sky. As the sun slowly disappears behind the horizon, forming a silhouette of the island of Susak, the sea is marked with thousands of radiant shades. The tranquillity of the sun kissed sea, the soft summer breeze, and the silence of the coming night sees the first stars begin to twinkle. Sailing into the sunset with us will stimulate all of your senses.

Because we know you're tempted, why not hire a boat with a skipper, bring your loved ones along, and set sail without a care in the world? Cruising towards Susak and the golden sun, our sunset cruise allows you to immerse yourself in the afterglow while enjoying the peace it brings - and don't think we forgot about the wine, champagne, canapés, and fruit.

If you're swept away by the beauty of the moment, we encourage you to break out into song - a tale as old as time declares that the sea's sunsets turned fishers and sailors into poets and singers.

offer includes:

  • romantic sunset on a sailing boat (sailing towards the island of Susak)
  • refreshing bottle of sparkling wine and surprise picnic basket full of local products
  • boat rent, fuel, skipper

Sunset cruise