Aveda Hair SPA Treatments

Get acquainted with the condition of your hair, and discover personalised Aveda Hair SPA rituals for the health and care of your hair and scalp in the Aveda Hairlab salon by Ruža.

Aveda Hairlab by Ruža offers personalised treatments based on Aveda products, the most famous and only completely natural professional brand for hair, face and body care. Aveda hair colours are 98% natural and enriched with plant oils which improve and nourish hair structure. The colours are made with a natural antioxidant to protect hair from fading.

With the top-of-the-line care and innovative techniques offered in our salon, we place an emphasis on micro-camera diagnosis. A professional profiler micro camera is used to keep a detailed record of the health of the scalp and hair of each client. The whole examination is only 10 minutes long but gives unequivocally detailed results, based upon which a personalised nourishment protocol can be created in line with each individual's needs, leading to a perfect scalp and hair. The first results can already be seen after 2-3 treatments.

Let yourself be pampered in the hands of our experts and treat your hair while enjoying the sun and sea.


Aveda Botanical Therapy

An individualised treatment for the scalp and hair with instant results. The treatment involves a sensorial experience with essential oils individually chosen for each client, and a relaxing and stimulating massage of the scalp, neck and shoulders. The result is a detoxed scalp and deeply nourished and strengthened hair.

Duration: 45 min


Aveda Hair and Scalp Detox

An intensive scalp detox which removes dead cells and all impurities and toxins. It also increases oxygen flow and blood circulation in the scalp, which is the main prerequisite for hair to be strong and shiny and for growing new hair. Recommended for each client, especially in detox programmes.

Duration: 30 min

Aveda Scalp and Hair Rescue Therapy

A therapy which includes a minimum of 3 treatments, although the recommended number is 6, chosen in line with and aimed at the specific needs of each client. After making a diagnosis with the micro camera, the choice and number of treatments is individualised to make up the protocol of care for the client. The price depends on the number and choice of treatments.


Products and services are subject to change. For the most up-to-date information on available offerings and pricing, we encourage our guests to inquire with our Spa Concierge when booking their appointments. For more information and reservations, send an enquiry using the link below or contact us by phone +385 51 679 018.

Aveda Hair SPA Treatments