Spa treatments

It is no surprise that Čikat means “waiting”, you have been waiting for these gin-clear sapphire waters for a long time. Their curative treasure chest of minerals and plankton bring natures remedies to your beauty and wellness regimen at the Bellevue Spa Clinic, our uber-chic, high-tech haven, just steps from the sea. That largesse from the sea is a gift, ideal for detox and revitalisation from which Bellevue Spa Clinic draws inspiration.

After all, water symbolises rebirth and fluidity, states of being which feel more than possible here. We cater to people in the know like you, those who demand the most discriminating, cutting- edge results-driven therapies, not to mention feel-good rituals, all preformed in our stylish setting. You are here for detox while your partner is set on re-energising. No matter, this oasis, complete with onyx walls, chromotherapy, hydrotherapy, cryotherapy, elite trainers and meditation nooks caters to both of you in so many ways. You can even spa together with Love on the Rocks, a treatment pour deux in our private suite.

Ready? We are waiting for you.



The Bellevue Detox

Detox massage is taken to a new level. Vigorous and repetitive strokes employing the use of hands and specialised rollers break down cutaneous tissue and fibrous cellulite in this targeted massage to encourage the process of toxin elimination. Employing the power of sea plant extract and magnesium the body is encouraged to energise the lymphatic system thus cleansing, flushing, and oxygenating the muscles and tissues and dramatically reducing water retention. Our advanced detox 80 minute session includes drainage with cupping. Perfect for those cleansing, or to assist in fluid drainage.

Duration: 50 / 80 min

CBD & Lapis Lasuli Soul Tonic (By ISUN)

CBD is a chemical compound found in the cannabis plant proven to reduce inflammation, relieve pain, temper anxiety, and promote sleep. Feel calm, cool, and collected from head to toe beginning with an ocean floor silica crystals, rosemary, and sage scrub. Baby fresh skin is lavished with 99.9% pure CBD isolate oil steeped with Arnica and Blue Tansy. For a cocooned wrap we finish with Lapis Lasuli gem-infused oil and cooling Lapis Lasuli massage stones and a harmonising sound bath. Perfect for those looking for nirvana.

Duration: 120 min


Sea Mineral Scrub + Drainage Massage + Magnesium Soak + Seaweed Slim Wrap & Scalp Treatment Algae, sea salts, magnesium and essential oils are customised table-side for transformative cellular purification and remineralisation of the skin, tissues, and organs. Perfect for slimming, detoxing, remineralising

Duration: 110 min



Accommodation not included in price. Products and services are subject to change. For the most up-to-date information on available offerings and pricing, we encourage our guests to inquire with our Spa Concierge when booking their appointments.

Spa treatments